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New BambooHR Payroll Experience Offers Fast, Accurate Paychecks, Eliminates Tedious Tasks by 80%

New BambooHR Payroll Creates HRIS and Benefits Admin Platform Trifecta

BambooHR®, the leading cloud-based human resource platform where everything works together, announces today its new, highly anticipated Payroll experience, adding to its best-in-class HR and benefits administration solutions.

BambooHR is elevating how thousands of customers and millions of employees experience payroll. They have simplified an intricate, outdated process, delivering an exceptional experience and reducing payroll processing time by up to 80 percent.

“BambooHR and payroll together have saved me almost 20 hours a week,” said Rachael Schau, chief of staff at Rockford Silk Screen Process. “We’ve honestly saved 20,000 dollars over a year.”

The new payroll experience virtually eliminates double data entry, automates time tracking, and calculates employee compensation, deductions, and taxes on a paycheck. Its user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy to manage employee records, track payments, generate reports, and help businesses comply with federal and state regulations and local laws. Employees can view pay stubs and edit withholdings or direct deposit right from the BambooHR payroll portal or mobile app.

“Our goal has always been to make payroll an integrated, always accurate, and even delightful experience for our customers,” said Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer at BambooHR. “Our team has worked hard to simplify the often painful process of payroll, and we’ve made it clean, easy, and fast for our HR Heroes.”

Employees don’t have room in their budget for payroll errors LendingClub research shows that 6 in 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Yet, according to the IRS, 33 percent of employers make payroll mistakes that result in government penalties and employee distrust.

Neil Sharma, VP of Operations at Boston BioProducts, stated, “We had a manual payroll system that’d take hours to process. If things backed up in the lab, sometimes payday got bumped to the next morning, which hurt our employees. We knew that wasn’t acceptable as a company. Now with BambooHR, everyone can look at their cell phone for their pay stub or deposit. Everything is right there, and they’re happy.”