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New Navigate health coaching program disrupts employee wellbeing space

Navigate Wellbeing Solutions, an employee well-tech company, pioneers a new vision for accessible and innovative lifestyle health coaching with the announcement of their in-house health coaching product.

The Navigate health coaching model offers a high-touch participant experience and real-time analytics. This next-gen offering will rival traditional coaching models and expand technological capabilities while carrying out the Navigate mission to Do Good Things.

Now accepting clients for 2024, Navigate Health Coaching is a welcome disruptor in the coaching space offering a more affordable option and fresh approach to meaningful coaching.

  • Unique, proprietary markers of wellbeing. Identify needs before they become health issues to create positive ROI. 
  • Prevention and long-term wellbeing. Bring early intervention to a practice typically aimed toward those with existing health issues.
  • Personalized goals for greater impact. Individual assessments add another layer of humanity to the experience.

Navigate’s configurability means employers get improved coaching support and features, plus the flexibility to incentivize and incorporate coaching into their wellbeing programs.     

“This fully integrated coaching platform allows us to not only offer a holistic approach to one-on-one coaching, but also the ability to expand our future scope of coaching to group sessions, career mentoring, and beyond.”Troy W. Vincent, Navigate Founder and CEO  

Beyond member support: Meeting organizational needs

Alongside their flagship lifestyle coaching product, Navigate will launch expanded product possibilities to fit every company’s need, including options for tobacco cessation coaching, limited session models, and coaching software licensing.

Clients can seamlessly integrate health coaching within their existing employee wellbeing platforms, and receive the benefits of communication support, participant functionality, and aggregate reporting.

This full suite of data analytics helps human resource professionals meet their goals and provides insights into their employee populations.