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New Talent Climate Research Series to Dig Deep into the Global Recruitment Crisis and Innovative Emerging Solutions

  • Online thought leadership and data research series will explore the way hiring strategies have changed in the wake of pandemic disruption

  • The Talent Climate initiative combines rich global talent analytics with in-depth interviews with CHROs and Talent Acquisition leaders to distil powerful new insights and inspiration

  • The research-led webinars and executive Innovation Board sessions will assemble Talent leads from some of the world’s biggest companies including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Deloitte

  • These leaders will talk about the ground-breaking ways they are tackling current skills gaps and longer-term talent pipelines, and the resulting reports will take a deep-dive into the latest data on the state of talent acquisition

 The Josh Bersin Company, the world’s most trusted HR advisory firm, and talent solutions business AMS, have today launched a timely Talent Climate research initiative with the first in a series of events designed to help CHROs tackle the current skills crisis plaguing entire industries around the world.

The Talent Climate initiative started with the inception of a new Innovation Board that brings together top thought leaders to discuss key trends impacting the global talent landscape. To build on and broadly share these executive-level findings, the teams hosted the first of a series of public webinars on Thursday 20 April. Talent leads from some of the world’s biggest companies discussed how approaches to hiring are changing as a result of major recent disruptions and looked into the systemic strategies organizations are implementing.

With the upcoming release of the related Talent Climate reports, data-driven analysis and benchmarking will further explore the experience-driven insights shared during the Innovation Board and webinar sessions. 

The Talent Climate webinars will take place quarterly across 2023. They are part of a broader ongoing in-depth Talent Climate collaboration between The Josh Bersin Company and AMS. 

The project will also see the publication of the first Talent Climate Report in May as part of the run-up to The Josh Bersin Company’s Irresistible 2023 event in June.

Janet Mertens, The Josh Bersin Company Senior Vice President of Research, said:

“The Talent Climate research program will change the conversation for Talent leads and CHROs as they grapple with some of the toughest skills and resourcing challenges ever seen across whole industries globally. AMS has a vast, rich and very broad set of data from its expansive book of business which shows the trends over the last few years, in terms of hiring volumes, internal hiring trends, and time-to-hire statistics. 

“Through this important project, we are really digging into the AMS data to understand what is happening today, and then exploring those themes at a micro level with the Talent leads at some of the biggest and best-known employers in the world. 

“All in all, the webinar series will bring all of this together in a live, public forum which promises to be both enlightening and a powerful source of inspiration as the speakers discuss their own strategies and experiences in some detail.”

Josh Bersin, global HR research analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, said:

“Over the next year or more, we’re going to be holding these deep-dive webinars with the market to distil the strategies and solutions that are working for some of the world’s leading companies. Among the issues we’ll be drilling into every quarter will be internal mobility, for instance: the North American numbers here are alarming, as only about 15% of jobs are being filled by internal candidates. That means companies are struggling to compete for 85% of their hires.

“As ever, our role in all of this is to observe with our ‘pacesetter’ organizations (companies that are not only thriving and outperforming financially, but that are also at the top of their game when it comes to HR practices) what they are doing that is making the difference.

Typically, they are approaching talent in a more strategic and systemic way, so that ‘hiring’ is no longer just an external practice. These companies are also thinking much more holistically, and laterally—looking across internal candidates, external candidates, at alumni, thinking about how to embrace gig and contract work, the gig economy, and generally being very deliberate in breaking the traditional boundaries of talent acquisition. 

“Crucially, many of them are using the latest technology too, to identify future gaps and make new connections between those opportunities and the resources they already employ. There’s so much to unpack, so I see this webinar series as potentially ground-breaking.”

Jo-Ann Feely, Global Managing Director of Innovation at AMS and co-chair of the Talent Climate Innovation Board, said:

“By joining forces with The Josh Bersin Company to develop The Talent Climate Report,  AMS is very excited that for the first time, we will be able to deliver a data driven view of the talent world, understanding how the current global environment is impacting the sourcing, selecting, hiring and retention of key skills for some of the world’s most innovative and impactful organizations.”