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2024 Rally Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

2024 Rally Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding
Rally® Awards 2024: Honoring Top Innovators in Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

Discover the exceptional achievements recognized at the 2024 Rally Awards, where the brightest minds in recruitment marketing and employer branding were honored for their innovative strategies and impactful campaigns.


  • Record-breaking Year: With a surge in submissions, the 2024 Rally Awards witnessed unparalleled competition, reflecting the growing significance of recruitment marketing and employer branding in today’s labor market.
  • Global Recognition: From Best Employer Brand Videos to Recruitment Marketing Rising Stars, 22 outstanding individuals and teams across 15 categories received prestigious awards, showcasing their creativity and expertise.
  • Industry Acknowledgment: Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO of Rally, emphasizes the pivotal role of skilled recruitment marketing professionals in modern talent acquisition, applauding their contributions to organizational growth.
  • Sponsor Acknowledgment: Melanie Murphy, CMO of Ph.Creative, underscores the exceptional impact of award winners’ creativity and innovation on talent attraction and engagement, setting high standards for the industry.

Winners’ Insights:

  • Rachel Flanders, Cleaver-Brooks: Acknowledges the dedication of the Cleaver-Brooks Recruitment Marketing team in building effective talent attraction campaigns and showcasing the company’s strengths.
  • Kristen Ferguson, Dunkin’: Highlights the collaborative effort between franchisees and Dunkin’ team members in crafting the “All ‘In for the Win” campaign, reflecting the company’s inclusive culture.
  • Jennifer Blackledge, Ford Motor Company: Expresses gratitude for the recognition of the “Movers of the World, Makers of the Future” video series, showcasing Ford’s vision for the future.
  • Bryce Riou, Gerdau: Celebrates the team’s innovative recruitment marketing strategy, emphasizing the importance of meeting candidates where they are and creating an exceptional candidate experience.
  • Meenakshi Benjwal, HCLTech: Thanks the employer brand marketers for their dedication in making the HCLTech Employee Value Proposition a reality through exceptional employee-generated content.
  • Richard Gordon, King: Appreciates the recognition for authentic social content, reflecting King’s culture and attracting top talent through organic social media engagement.
  • Karla Diaz, Northwestern Mutual: Celebrates the team’s commitment to leveraging recruitment marketing technology for attracting top talent, revolutionizing recruitment strategies and elevating the employer brand.
  • Michele Posehn, SiteOne Landscape Supply: Highlights the power of video storytelling in enhancing the employer brand and attracting talent, showcasing the authentic voices of employees.
  • Jonna Sjövall, UBS: Expresses pride in the team’s innovative recruitment marketing campaigns and dedication to engaging with young talent globally, driving recruitment success.
  • James Barraclough, SEB: Shares insights into the journey of uncovering SEB’s authentic employer brand and leveraging data to build a human-centric recruitment strategy.

Community Support:

  • Grace Kraemer, Aspirant RPO: Congratulates award winners and appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding professionals in elevating employment brands.
  • Jillian O’Malior, Recruitics: Celebrates Dunkin’s achievement and highlights the strategic collaboration in driving the success of the “All ‘IN for the Win” campaign.
  • Stephen Quinn, Atomic: Reflects on the partnership with Grab and the creative journey in capturing authentic employee stories, driving engagement and talent attraction.
  • Carolina Savatier, Universum: Commends SEB’s success in employer branding and strategic collaboration, emphasizing the impact of authentic employer branding on talent acquisition.
  • Diane Fanelli, iCIMS: Recognizes SiteOne Landscape Supply’s innovative recruitment approach and the transformative impact of video storytelling on talent engagement and hiring success.

The 2024 Rally Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of recruitment marketing and employer branding professionals, setting new standards for creativity, innovation, and impact. Congratulations to all winners for their outstanding contributions to the industry’s growth and success.