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ADP Canada Happiness@Work Index: Workers’ Happiness Levels Remain Flat in February

The ADP Canada monthly Happiness@Work Index (“Index”) finds workers’ sentiments plateau in February, as workers’ self-reported overall happiness remains unchanged despite secondary indicators going up.

The National Work Happiness Score for February 2024 is 6.7/10, remaining unchanged month-over-month from January.

“Despite an unchanged Work Happiness Score this month, February reshuffles the cards, with some regions climbing to the top three for the first time. Notably, Atlantic Canada is the happiest this month, with Alberta seeing the greatest increase in satisfaction levels and now tying with Québec,” says Heather Haslam, Vice President of Marketing, ADP Canada. “The Winter may be difficult for some, with less socialization and time spent outside. Now may be a good time to consider in-person team activities, especially targeting the younger generations in the workplace, as we are noticing that Gen Z and Millennial workers have not shown any increase in happiness in a few months.”

February 2024 Happiness@Work Index Highlights

  • National Work Happiness Score: 6.7/10 (NC) *
  • Indicator Breakdown
    • Primary Indicator: 6.9/10 (NC) *
    • Secondary Indicators:
      • Work-Life Balance & Flexibility: 6.9/10 (+0.1) *
      • Recognition & Support: 6.7/10 (+0.1) *
      • Compensation & Benefits: 6.3/10 (+0.2) *
      • Options for Career Advancement: 6.1/10 (+0.2) *

In February, the primary indicator of worker happiness also remained unchanged from January at 6.9/10, as forty-six per cent of workers in Canada feel satisfied with their current role and responsibilities. All secondary indicators show an increase this month, with almost all reaching their highest scores to date.

The Index also reports that Boomers experienced their highest score to date (7.7/10) and hold the top spot as the happiest generation of workers for the 14th consecutive month. Regionally, workers in Atlantic Canada are the happiest in the country, claiming the top spot from Québec, with notable increases in sentiment around work-life balance & flexibility (7.1/10)Ontario is the only region to see a decrease in happiness this month as they take last place.

National Work Happiness Score: Generational Snapshot

  • Boomers (59+): 7.7/10 (+0.6) *
  • Gen-Z (18-26): 6.7/10 (NC) *
  • Millennials (27-42): 6.6/10 (NC) *
  • Gen-X (43-58): 6.6/10 (+0.1) *

Regional Work Happiness Score Snapshot

  • Atlantic Canada: 7.1/10 (+0.4) *
  • British Columbia: 7.0/10 (+0.3) *
  • Québec: 6.9/10 (+0.1) *
  • Alberta: 6.9/10 (+0.3) *
  • Sask/Manitoba: 6.7/10 (+0.3) *
  • Ontario: 6.5/10 (-0.1) *