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ADP® Offers AI-Enabled Partner Solutions on Powerful, Simple and Secure ADP Marketplace

HR leaders can rapidly source and implement benefits of AI across their HCM ecosystems

ADP Marketplace, the world’s largest digital HR storefront with over 800 partner solutions worldwide, is enhancing the client experience by offering AI-enabled, integrated partner solutions. ADP Marketplace now provides clients with greater ease and confidence in identifying and selecting these solutions for their companies. ADP Marketplace has adopted responsible AI principles to which all its partners offering AI-enabled solutions must commit. ADP Marketplace also uses machine learning to easily surface best-fit applications to meet clients’ critical HR needs. These capabilities are part of an enterprise-wide initiative at ADP to bring the power of AI to HR practitioners, managers and employees.

“We launched ADP Marketplace 10 years ago as the first one-stop shop for clients to find integrated HR solutions that seamlessly share and connect data with ADP,” explains Anthony Maggio, vice president and general manager, ADP Marketplace. “For years, machine learning has powered the ADP Marketplace platform’s customized HCM solution recommendations for our clients based on factors like their industry, company size and ADP platform. And now, a growing number of our more than 300 partners offer solutions with AI-embedded features that make HR easier, smarter and more human, to help our clients simplify their processes.”

Partners offering AI features as part of their solution must agree to comply with ADP Marketplace’s AI principles regarding human oversight, monitoring, explainability and mitigating bias. These principles are based on the same AI principles ADP follows when developing its own products.