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Advantexe Launches Enhanced Version of Fundamentals of Business Leadership™ Simulation for New Managers

Advantexe‘s Fundamentals of Business Leadership™ simulation provides new managers with the skills they need to grow into effective and influential leaders by successfully transitioning from an individual contributor to a first-line manager.

Advantexe Learning Solutions, an award-winning leader in digital simulation-centric training solutions, is excited to announce the release of a new and enhanced version of its award-winning learning experience, the “Fundamentals of Business Leadership Simulation™” (FBL). Specifically designed for new and first-time managers, this innovative learning journey and simulation is a way to upskill this critical part of the workforce quickly and easily.

FBL is an innovative and practical approach to leadership skills development. It helps bridge the gap between theory and practice through hands-on, immersive application in a simulated yet realistic workplace. New managers have the chance to learn about and practice many of their new responsibilities in a risk-free environment. The updates include,

  •     New interactive scenarios – that mirror the challenges and decisions faced by new managers in today’s hybrid business environment.
  •     Updated leadership frameworks – updated content featuring the latest leadership frameworks.
  •     Embedded learning – access to a series of on-demand micro-lessons covering essential leadership topics.
  •     Enhanced learner feedback – comprehensive review of best practices and how closely the learner’s choices align.
  •     Learning analytics – an analytics center that captures simulation results by cohort, the overall aggregate of scores from all groups, and the optimal scores by individual.

“Shifting from an individual contributor to a new manager requires a new perspective and different skill set. In our experience, when individuals are not provided with the necessary training and tools, we have seen them struggle and burn out quickly,” says Rob Brodo CEO of Advantexe. “We developed the FBL simulation and learning journey to help reduce the failure rate for new managers. The simulation offers a proven approach to skill development by helping to prepare managers for the challenges and opportunities of their new role and responsibilities.”
Advantexe’s FBL simulation is a decision-tree simulation where learners interact with characters in realistic business situations and “the story” unfolds based upon learners’ actions at critical decision points. Every decision in the simulation is tied to one or more of three overarching competencies of Business Leadership, People Leadership, and Organizational Leadership.