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AI Skills Dominate Tech Job Market: Dice’s 2024 Analysis Reveals Surge in AI/ML Job Postings

The tech job market is undergoing a transformative shift, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) skills becoming increasingly essential. Dice’s recent analysis reveals a 14% surge in AI/ML-related job postings in February 2024 compared to the previous year. This report delves into the current landscape of AI hiring, the skills in demand, and strategies for recruiters and tech professionals to navigate this evolving field.

Key Findings:

  1. Rising AI/ML Job Postings:
    • 14% of all tech job postings in February 2024 referenced AI or ML skills, up from 9% the previous year.
    • Open AI/ML jobs increased by 8.5% from 2023 to 2024.
  2. Decline in Overall Tech Job Postings:
    • A 26% decline in overall tech job postings during the same period accentuates the demand for AI/ML skills.
  3. Salaries for AI and ML Roles:
    • Average salary for machine learning roles is $122,060, almost 10% higher than the average tech salary of $111,193.
    • Other AI-related roles, such as Data Science and Solutions Architect, also command higher salaries.
  4. Industry Adoption:
    • Almost every industry sector is witnessing a surge in AI hiring.
    • Companies like Deloitte, Accenture, and KPMG are prioritizing AI talent acquisition.

Expert Insights:

“This is an exciting time to be in tech; in terms of AI’s magnitude, it’s on par with the dawn of the internet and the release of the first smartphones,” says Dice CEO Art Zeile. “Generative AI is being integrated into almost every workflow, and CEOs are focused now on AI-driven efficiency. That just amplifies the need to hire and train those skilled tech professionals.”

Dice’s AI Resources:

Dice has curated comprehensive guides to assist recruiters and tech professionals in navigating AI-focused roles. These guides emphasize collaborative approaches in talent acquisition and provide insights into the most in-demand skills for AI roles.

Takeaways for Recruiters:

  • Prioritize skills-based hiring: Focus on applicable skills over traditional metrics.
  • Understand core AI and ML skills: Be aware of key AI competencies and applications.
  • Upskill existing talent: Consider offering AI training programs to identify potential candidates within your organization.

Takeaways for Tech Professionals:

  • Identify core AI competencies: Familiarize yourself with key AI frameworks and skills.
  • Improve soft skills: Focus on innovation, communication, and providing insights.
  • Continue AI education: Stay updated with AI courses and certifications to upskill.

Dice’s Commitment:

Dice remains committed to empowering recruiters and tech professionals by providing the latest trends and developments in AI hiring. The company’s AI Careers and Hiring Center sections aim to connect tech professionals with career-advancing opportunities and help companies succeed in their AI-driven innovation.


The insights in this report are based on job posting data provided by Dice’s partner, Lightcast, which has a database of over 1 billion current and historical job postings worldwide. The data was pulled on March 20, 2024, and analyzed using Lightcast’s skills category taxonomy specific to AI/ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The surge in AI/ML job postings and rising salaries underscore the growing importance of AI skills in the tech job market. As AI continues to reshape industries and workflows, adapting and upskilling in AI will be crucial for both recruiters and tech professionals to stay competitive and thrive in this evolving landscape.