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AkkenCloud and VMSpark Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Seamless VMS (Vendor Management System) and MSP (Managed Solutions Provider) Integrations

This partnership aims to deliver enhanced integration capabilities between AkkenCloud’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and VMSpark’s VMS job automation system, enabling staffing firms to streamline their operations and optimize their recruitment processes.

 AkkenCloud, renowned for its commitment to redefining staffing simplicity and pioneering advanced automation and AI solutions for Staffing Industry, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with VMSpark, a robust platform designed for staffing agencies to efficiently handle job requisitions from VMS (Vendor Management System) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) clients. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of staffing management solutions, bringing together two innovative platforms to streamline staffing operations and drive staffing businesses success.

The integration of AkkenCloud’s ATS with VMSpark will empower staffing agencies with a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage job requisitions from VMS and MSP clients. By seamlessly synchronizing data between the two platforms, recruiters will benefit from increased productivity by having synced job requisition data all in one location.

Through this partnership, staffing agencies can expect:

  • VMS To ATS Job Automation: Sync job requisition data between VMS and MSP clients to AkkenCloud’s ATS, streamlining the data to make it available in one location.
  • Refine and Improve Job Data: By leveraging VMSpark’s robust platform, job data undergoes automated refinement processes, empowering agencies to customize data through a rules engine, establish pay rates, supplement contracted bill rates, and optimize data to align with their requirements.

“We are pleased to partner with VMSpark to provide our clients with an integrated solution that addresses the evolving needs of the staffing industry working with their VMS and MSP clients,” said Giridhar Akkineni, CEO at AkkenCloud. “Together, we will empower staffing organizations to optimize their job order management processes and achieve greater success.”

“We are thrilled about our partnership with AkkenCloud to improve the efficiency and profitability of staffing agencies. Collaborating closely with the dynamic AkkenCloud team has been a great experience, and we are absolutely thrilled with the seamless integration of our systems.”

The partnership between AkkenCloud and VMSpark represents a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and customer success. Together, the two companies will continue to push the boundaries of staffing management solutions and deliver unparalleled value to their clients.