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Alight Announces Leadership Promotions Amid Ongoing Transformation

Alight Announces Leadership Promotions Amid Ongoing Transformation
Alight Announces Executive Leadership Changes

Alight has announced significant leadership promotions as part of the company’s continued transformation efforts. Jeremy Heaton, previously the Operating Chief Financial Officer, will now serve as Chief Financial Officer, succeeding Katie Rooney. Additionally, Greg Goff, the former Chief Technology and Delivery Officer, has been appointed as President, reinforcing Alight’s commitment to innovation and strategic focus.

Jeremy Heaton’s Promotion: Jeremy Heaton, with over two decades of financial experience, including extensive tenure at GE, steps into the role of Chief Financial Officer effective immediately. Heaton’s proven track record and deep understanding of Alight’s business position him well to guide the financial team through the company’s transformation journey.

Katie Rooney’s Transition: Katie Rooney, the outgoing Global Chief Financial Officer, will transition to the role of Chief Operating Officer, supporting the Payroll & Professional Services divestiture until its anticipated closure in mid-year 2024. Rooney’s contributions to Alight over the past 15 years have been invaluable, and her ongoing support during the transition period is highly appreciated.

Greg Goff’s Appointment as President: Greg Goff, who previously served as Alight’s Chief Technology and Delivery Officer, will now assume the role of President. Goff’s leadership in driving transformative initiatives, such as the development of Alight Worklife® and the company’s cloud migration project, makes him well-suited to lead Alight in its strategic direction.

Stephan Scholl’s Comments: Stephan Scholl, CEO of Alight, commended the leadership transitions as a reflection of the company’s long-term planning and commitment to simplification and focus. He expressed confidence in Jeremy Heaton’s ability to lead the financial team, acknowledged Katie Rooney’s dedication and contributions, and highlighted Greg Goff’s instrumental role in technology transformation.

The leadership promotions at Alight underscore the company’s dedication to fostering talent and driving strategic initiatives amidst its ongoing transformation. With Jeremy Heaton as Chief Financial Officer, Katie Rooney transitioning to Chief Operating Officer, and Greg Goff assuming the role of President, Alight is poised to continue its journey towards organizational excellence and innovation.