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Appcast Marks 10 Years of Innovation and Excellence in Recruitment Marketing

Appcast Marks 10 Years of Innovation and Excellence in Recruitment Marketing
Appcast Marks a Decade of Innovation and Growth: Celebrating 10 Years of Leadership in Recruitment Marketing

Discover the journey of Appcast, the global leader in recruitment marketing technology and services, as it celebrates its remarkable 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, Appcast has reshaped the recruitment landscape, driving innovation and excellence while prioritizing trust, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

  1. Pioneering Programmatic Technology:
    • Since its founding in 2014, Appcast has been at the forefront of the programmatic job ad optimization movement, revolutionizing how hiring organizations advertise open roles.
    • The introduction of programmatic technology has transformed recruitment marketing, providing efficient and data-driven solutions for hiring challenges.
  2. Global Expansion and Strategic Acquisition:
    • Appcast’s partnership with The Stepstone Group in 2019 facilitated global expansion, leading to 11 locations across North America and Europe and a workforce exceeding 550 employees.
    • The strategic acquisition of Bayard Advertising in 2023 broadened Appcast’s recruitment marketing solutions, enhancing its ability to address diverse customer challenges.
  3. Award-Winning Technology and Continuous Innovation:
    • Appcast’s technology solutions, including AppcastOne and Appcast Brand and Creative, have set industry standards, recognized with prestigious awards such as the Stevie award in Human Capital Management.
    • The launch of Appcast Labs in 2023 demonstrates a commitment to continuous innovation, fostering cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving customer needs.
  4. Thought Leadership and Unparalleled Service:
    •, launched in 2022, serves as a hub for data-driven research and recruitment best practices, showcasing Appcast’s thought leadership and expertise.
    • With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70, Appcast prioritizes trust, transparency, and impact in customer relationships, earning recognition as a leader in service excellence.
  5. Culture of Excellence and Brand Refresh:
    • Appcast’s commitment to fostering a culture of kindness, collaboration, and community engagement has been recognized with prestigious Inc. Best Workplaces awards.
    • As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Appcast introduces a refreshed brand identity, reflecting its values of trust, transparency, and the dedicated team behind its success.

Join Appcast in commemorating a decade of innovation, growth, and excellence in recruitment marketing. As it looks towards the future, Appcast remains committed to solving employers’ recruitment challenges through innovation, data-driven insights, and the dedication of its passionate team.