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ASA National Staffing Employee of the Year, Dr. Kelly Byrd, Featured in Staffing Success Magazine

Supplemental Health Care (SHC) recently announced that Dr. Kelly M. Byrd was recognized as the American Staffing Association’s (ASA) Staffing Employee of the Year for 2024 and Health Care Sector All-Star. Now, SHC is excited to share her feature in the January/February issue of ASA’s Staffing Success Magazine.

Dr. Byrd has been a dedicated school speech-language pathologist and advocate for family literacy while working with Supplemental Health Care for over a decade. She has made significant contributions to promoting literacy in her community and has been instrumental in empowering students, even beyond her own school district.

Through her work with Supplemental Health Care, Byrd has been able to pursue her passion and make a difference in the lives of children. “I’m very fortunate to work with a company and a recruiter that understands and encourages my passion and desire to help others,” says Byrd. “They have been there for me every step of the way.”

Dan Riddle, Regional Director for Supplemental Health Care’s Schools division, has been Dr. Byrd’s recruiter and a strong supporter throughout her tenure with the staffing company. He commends Byrd for her selflessness and dedication to helping others.

 “I can’t think of anyone I know who is more selfless,” Riddle said. “Lots of people see a need and talk about it, but they don’t do anything about it. She sees a need and her feet get into action.”

Looking ahead, Byrd plans to continue her work in promoting literacy and empowering children through her nonprofit organization, Love for Literacy. She aims to create more culturally representative books that inspire children and reflect their experiences.

As Riddle shared: “Kelly is a perfect example of the flexibility the staffing industry provides that the regular work world doesn’t. We can bridge gaps and provide long-term solutions both for our staff and for the school districts we serve.”