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Ashby Raises $30M in Series C Funding to Scale Product Development and Enterprise Expansion

Ashby Raises $30M in Series C Funding to Scale Product Development and Enterprise Expansion
Ashby Announces $30M Series C

Ashby, a leading recruiting platform that scales hiring efficiently from startups to enterprises, has successfully raised an additional $30 million in equity financing. This latest round of funding, led by Lachy Groom and supported by Elad Gil, F-Prime, Y Combinator, and existing Ashby customers, follows a remarkable 6X growth in revenue. To date, Ashby has raised approximately $70 million.

1. Overview of the Funding Round:

  • Funding Amount: $30 million in Series C financing.
  • Lead Investor: Lachy Groom, who also led Ashby’s seed round.
  • Additional Participants: Elad Gil, F-Prime, Y Combinator, and existing Ashby customers.

2. Purpose of the Funding:

  • Product Development: Accelerate the pace of innovative product features and capabilities.
  • Enterprise Expansion: Broaden Ashby’s market reach and scale its operations to serve larger enterprises.

3. Company Growth and Investor Confidence:

  • Revenue Growth: Ashby has achieved a 6X increase in revenue since its Series B round.
  • Investor Confidence: Continued support from existing investors reflects strong confidence in Ashby’s growth trajectory and market potential.

4. Leadership and Vision:

  • CEO’s Statement: “At its best, fundraising accelerates something that is already going really well. We’re fortunate to have found ourselves in that position and as a result, we’ve decided to pull forward our Series C by a couple of quarters,” said Benjamin Encz, Co-Founder and CEO of Ashby.
  • Investor’s Perspective: “It’s been amazing to see Ashby’s growth and product velocity in the last few years,” said Lachy Groom. “Despite a tricky market, Ashby has 6X’d the business since the Series B and has garnered a lot of love from customers in a space that historically had really low NPS. In the current environment, more and more talent teams are looking to consolidate tools and ‘do more with less’ and Ashby, which is packed with automation and AI-enabled features, is perfectly positioned to benefit from that trend.”

5. Customer Endorsements:

  • Multiverse’s Experience: “It’s the first ATS I’ve ever been impressed with,” said Veronica Salcido, Head of Global Talent at Multiverse. “We were looking for an innovative partner that was looking to build the future of talent acquisition, not one stuck in the way things had been done 10, 20 years ago. And in switching to Ashby All-in-One, I got rid of a lot of vendors we no longer needed, so that made me look absolutely brilliant to my finance team.”

6. Future Outlook:

  • Market Positioning: Ashby is well-positioned to leverage the current market trend where talent teams are consolidating tools and seeking to maximize efficiency with AI-driven solutions.
  • Strategic Goals: Utilize the new funding to sustain its rapid growth, enhance product offerings, and expand its customer base within the enterprise segment.

Ashby’s recent $30 million Series C funding marks a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize talent acquisition. With robust investor support and a proven track record of growth, Ashby is set to continue its trajectory of innovation and market expansion, delivering enhanced value to its customers and redefining the future of recruiting.