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BambooHR® Expands All-In-One HRIS With New Employee Community and Total Rewards

BambooHR®, the leading cloud-based human resource platform where everything works together, announced today the release of Employee Community, an internal communications hub, and Total Rewards, a compensation statement and retention tool, providing powerful resources to set HR pros free to do great work.

“Employee Community has been fantastic for employee engagement and really opened a lot of doors,” said Sarah Norwood, Human Resources Support Specialist at Fulkrum and BambooHR customer. “It’s completely changed the kind of engagement we have globally and made some massive changes for us.”

Employee Community helps leaders keep employees informed, connected, and engaged. A study by Forbes found that poor communication is affecting company trust for 45% of workers, and traditional methods of internal communication have become less effective and fragmented, leaving employees feeling disconnected and out of the loop.

With Employee Community, leaders can seamlessly share important information in one centralized location, making it easier for employees and groups of employees to communicate and engage with each other in a more horizontal exchange of ideas and information. The platform also provides valuable insights into employee engagement metrics, allowing leaders to gauge the impact of their communication efforts and improve over time.

“We see the challenges leaders face when trying to manage internal communications and keep people informed and connected to the larger org, especially for remote employees,” said Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer at BambooHR. “With so many tools out there, important comms are quickly buried and hard to refer back to, but Employee Community brings important communications right into the BambooHR platform, where your people already come to submit time off and check their pay stubs.”

While increased communication from leadership helps employees feel more included, a better understanding of their full compensation package makes them more likely to stay, especially when 73% of employees admit they would consider leaving their current job for a higher paycheck.

Total Rewards improves employee satisfaction and retention by showing the full value of an employee’s compensation package. As a dynamic compensation statement generator, Total Rewards paints a complete picture of employees’ compensation, facilitating compensation conversations for managers and employees.

By sharing the full compensation picture, leaders and managers can build trust with employees and enhance their overall satisfaction. Employees are also better educated on their full value to an organization, leading to fewer departures for opportunities that may turn out to be less advantageous in terms of total compensation.

“We believe a clear understanding of total compensation is far more valuable than only seeing base salary,” said Crofts. “Total Rewards empowers leaders to effectively communicate the full scope of an employee’s compensation package by including additional rewards like benefits, equity, and perks, which fosters trust between employer and employee to increase satisfaction and reduce turnover.”

In addition to improving internal communications and compensation transparency, BambooHR’s Employee Community and Total Rewards also simplify the HR tech stack. With an all-in-one HR software solution, companies can consolidate their various communication tools and streamline their processes, saving time and reducing complexity.

These features will be available through new BambooHR packaging options tailored to the needs and people goals of an organization. BambooHR Core provides a complete operational foundation by streamlining manual HR tasks and processes such as hiring, onboarding, and reporting. BambooHR Pro combines this foundational automation with powerful tools designed to elevate the employee experience and boost engagement, setting HR professionals free to focus on strategic people initiatives.