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Beekeeper Sees Continued Momentum in Frontline Industries, Helping more than 1,300 Organizations Solve the Frontline Disconnect with Digital Solutions

Beekeeper adds 150+ clients, drives innovation with AI for workplace connectivity, enhancing frontline productivity.

Beekeeper, provider of the leading frontline success system purpose-built for deskless workers, today announced continued momentum within the hospitality, healthcare, construction and manufacturing industries. Beekeeper also recently added more than 150 new organizations to its growing global roster of customers, many of which are replacing existing solutions for Beekeeper to adequately connect and engage with frontline workers. The company also announced it was included in recent research reports by leading industry analyst firms, including Forrester Research, Gartner and 451 Research.

While Beekeeper sees increasing interest in the SMB and Mid-Market space, names such as Polytainers, Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Tree Top recently selected or deployed the Beekeeper Frontline Success System to empower their business and workers with the digital solutions that connect the unconnected and help their deskless employees work better together. They join existing clients such as Cargill, Heathrow Airport and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, which have expanded their use of Beekeeper’s solutions.

“It is sometimes hard to stay connected with everybody in the field. I look at our organization as an upside-down pyramid, where our frontline people are our most important and everybody below the frontline employees are there to support them,” said Joe Budd, CEO, The Budd Group. “So having Beekeeper has allowed us to reach out and be engaged across all levels of our company, especially our frontline employees who are the ones who make a difference in what we do.”

Deskless workers represent 80% of the global workforce yet this population is chronically underserved when it comes to workplace technology. Beekeeper remains focused on connecting the people, processes, and information needed to keep businesses running smoothly. The company is recognized for leading the market with software created specifically for frontline workers so that they can operate more efficiently, effectively, and happier and achieve Frontline Success.

“We continue our strong start to 2023 with excellent performance across product development and customer growth,” said Cristian Grossmann, CEO of Beekeeper. “This has been a year marked by continued expansion both geographically and within existing and new key vertical markets including construction and healthcare. With continued strengthening of our pipeline with new solutions and added features to existing products, we are well positioned to continue the momentum and support our confidence in achieving our growth ambitions.”

Unlocking the Secrets of Frontline Workforce Success

For the third year, Beekeeper surveyed over 8,000 frontline workers, managers and global administrators for the 2024 Frontline Workforce Pulse Report, which offers unparalleled insights into the evolving landscape of deskless workers. Beekeeper gained insight into the greatest frontline workplace challenges, why frontline workers left their jobs at record-breaking rates, trends for frontline industries, and ways corporate leaders can improve the employee experience to build a more productive work environment.

Beekeeper offers solutions to address the often overlooked and growing disconnect between frontline workers and management that can lead to increased disengagement among frontline workers. The economic consequences of this widespread disaffection are significant a projected $8.8 trillion in lost productivity and about 50% of workers across frontline industries leaving their jobs for both improved work/life balance and compensation.

By the Numbers – Performance Highlights Accelerating Digital Transformation

Beekeeper helps organizations enhance their frontline worker support with a platform that improves employee well-being with innovative technology and deep industry expertise. Delivering proven solutions and best practices that enable organizations to optimize their talent resources, Beekeeper also helps to reduce operational costs and compete effectively, especially during tight labor markets.

Beekeeper finished 2023–a record year–with strong momentum both technologically with enhanced and new innovative features and financially. Year-to-date performance substantiates Beekeeper’s accelerated growth.

  • Sales performance driven by growing investments in employee experience solutions and frontline technology overall to address the challenges around employee engagement and frontline worker attrition, Beekeeper beat revenue forecast and delivered at lower costs and burn.
  • Customer acquisition also outperformed against plan
  • Roster of new customers expanded with the addition of Polytainers, Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, and Tree Top among others, which join an impressive existing customer base that includes Caribou Coffee, Hudson, Life Time and Resorts World Las Vegas.
  • Vertical market leadership continues across key industries and customer adoption in new markets. New customers in the healthcare and construction sectors grew twice as fast as retail and manufacturing where Beekeeper already holds a leadership position.
  • Operationally, Beekeeper improved productivity across teams by more than 60% in the last two years.

New Solutions and Expanded Features

In 2023, Beekeeper invested significantly in R&D to evolve its product towards a Frontline Success System that combines mobile-first software, integrations and services to give workers everything they need and designed how they work in one simple place. With digitized forms and workflows, workers can easily communicate more effectively, while companies can extend investments in IT systems.

Building on its leading employee engagement system, in 2023, Beekeeper maintained a steady rollout of enhanced and new features, including an improved Workflow Engine, a library with hundreds of best practice templates, Frontline AI and a newly designed Frontline Workspace to further improve the UX/UI for a frontline-first audience.

The platform saw significant growth in adoption, especially in the non-communication features, forms, tasks and workflows, that make Beekeeper a differentiated offering supporting the company’s high level of customer loyalty. Beekeeper saw Workflows grow four-fold in 2023 and Tasks doubled in usage and adoption.

Beekeeper’s plans to introduce additional AI-enabled features in 2024, which are expected to enhance frontline worker productivity by making content and information more accessible.