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Beeline Breaks Industry Records and Surpasses $1 Trillion Milestone

Beeline, the undisputed leader in global extended workforce management technology, proudly announces a $1 trillion landmark achievement in its relentless pursuit of excellence. The year 2023 saw Beeline shatter previous spend under management, new bookings, and client retention records— propelling the company to unprecedented heights of success.

With an impressive network of more than 400 clients, including 35 of the largest companies in the world by market cap, and 16,000 staffing suppliers putting more than three million people to work through Beeline, 2023 marked a pivotal year in the company’s history. Beeline experienced a record number of new customers, reaffirming its dominance in the industry.

In 2023, Beeline’s five-year digital transformation reached its zenith, including the conclusion of its platform modernization strategy. Beeline launched 330 new APIs and connectors, which expedited system-to-system interoperability and resulted in 95% of new enterprise customer programs going live within 20 weeks or less. This rapid deployment, combined with Beeline’s core offerings and services of 75+ in-network partners, underscores the company’s agility and dedication to delivering substantial results for its customers.

“In 2023, an impressive 50% of new customers made the strategic decision to replace their incumbent vendor management system (VMS) with Beeline, a testament to our unparalleled product depth, innovation, and high-touch service which surpasses that of other providers,” said Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO. “This achievement highlights the collaborative partnerships and trust we have with customers, partners, and users over decades.”

Beeline also launched a suite of groundbreaking products meticulously tailored to meet the varied needs of businesses spanning every scale. Two stand out additions to Beeline’s portfolio are Beeline Professional and Beeline Supplier Network.

Teresa Creech, Beeline’s chief corporate development officer, highlighted, “Beeline Professional is tailored specifically for small and mid-sized contingent labor programs, boasting easy activation and pre-configured templates, workflows, dashboards, and reports inspired by industry-leading programs. With the introduction of Beeline Professional, organizations of all sizes gain access to cost savings, efficiency, and productivity benefits previously reserved for the world’s largest enterprises.”

Colleen Tiner, Beeline SVP product strategy explained the significance of Beeline’s Supplier Network, stating, “Our Supplier Network is designed to empower agencies and consultancies with comprehensive data and tools, to not only seize new opportunities but also drive operational efficiencies. Beeline Supplier Network provides a seamless environment where suppliers can enhance their service delivery to the benefit of our mutual clients.”

Beeline’s record-breaking achievements in 2023 serve as a powerful testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to its customers, partners, and the global extended workforce. As the industry continues to evolve, Beeline remains at the forefront, leading the charge in innovation and delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape.