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Bregal Milestone’s Allshares Expands Portfolio with Novare Pay Acquisition

Bregal Milestone's Allshares Expands Portfolio with Novare Pay Acquisition
Allshares Forges Ahead as European Compensation Software Leader with Novare Pay Acquisition

Bregal Milestone announces Allshares‘ acquisition of Novare Pay, a move set to elevate Allshares’ stature in the European compensation landscape. Learn more about this strategic expansion and its implications for Allshares’ clientele.

  1. Acquisition Overview:
    • Bregal Milestone, majority owner of Allshares, acquires Novare Pay, renowned for its high-growth, high-margin compensation services in Europe.
    • Novare Pay’s integration into the Allshares ecosystem enhances its digital turnkey offerings across compensation data, analytics, incentives, and governance.
  2. Strategic Advantages:
    • Novare Pay’s specialized expertise and strong Nordic heritage bolster Allshares’ leadership position in compensation software and services.
    • Enhanced capabilities and expanded clientele across Europe reaffirm Allshares’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge compensation solutions.
  3. Stakeholder Perspectives:
    • Erika Andersson, CEO of Novare Pay, highlights the synergies between the two entities and the transformative potential of the partnership.
    • Cyrus Shey, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Bregal Milestone, emphasizes the strategic value of integrating Novare Pay into the Allshares family.
  4. Leadership Appointment:
    • Michael Ingelög, seasoned CEO and board executive, appointed as Chair of the Allshares Board, bringing extensive experience and market knowledge.
    • Ingelög shares his excitement for shaping Allshares’ future alongside management and the board, leveraging Novare Pay’s addition to drive further innovation.
  5. Vision for the Future:
    • With Novare Pay rebranding under the Allshares name, Allshares aims to transform the European compensation landscape, delivering unparalleled solutions for clients.

The acquisition of Novare Pay marks a significant milestone for Allshares, solidifying its position as a leader in compensation software and services. With Michael Ingelög’s leadership and the combined expertise of both entities, Allshares is poised for continued growth and innovation, driving positive outcomes for clients across Europe.