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CareerBuilder Unveils AI Hiring Trends Whitepaper

CareerBuilder, in collaboration with Morning Consult, a global intelligence company, today released the “AI in Hiring” whitepaper based on a survey of 400 hiring decision-makers. Their responses highlight the prevalence of AI technology in hiring, the most common applications, key concerns and predictions around how AI will reshape hiring teams.

“As AI rapidly transforms recruitment practices, it’s imperative for HR leaders to understand its benefits and limitations,” said Kristin Kelley, CareerBuilder’s Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer. “Based on the survey results, we aim to empower hiring teams to harness AI technology responsibly while retaining the human factor crucial to great candidate experiences.”

Nearly half (47%) of hiring professionals surveyed said they use AI. Among other highlights:

  • Top AI applications in hiring include screening candidates, scheduling interviews, analyzing applications, employee onboarding and sourcing.
  • Most survey respondents (86%) felt more AI training and education were needed; other top concerns included lack of human touch and data quality.
  • Ethical considerations like bias and privacy were important to 92% of respondents; common strategies for addressing bias included fairness-aware algorithms and human oversight.
  • While most hiring professionals didn’t think AI would replace their jobs entirely, many (56%) expected HR teams to become smaller and more specialized.

“AI in hiring is now mainstream and here to stay,” said Kelley. “Employers should consider adopting AI technology to stay competitive. They should also start formalizing AI policies and guidelines, find ways to balance AI with human interaction, and think through roles so that human team members are delivering the most impact.”