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Celebrating Skilled Trades: Honoring Contributions and Addressing Labor Shortages

Celebrating Skilled Trades: Honoring Contributions and Addressing Labor Shortages
TrueBlue’s PeopleReady Skilled Trades Honors Careers in the Trades Amidst Skilled Labor Shortage

The skilled trades labor shortage persists as a significant challenge across industries in the U.S. Recent analysis by PeopleReady Skilled Trades reveals a surge in job postings, emphasizing the need for innovative recruitment and retention strategies to address this issue.

  1. Demand Trends and Job Postings:
    • Close to 300,000 unique skilled trades job postings have been recorded since the beginning of 2024.
    • In the past 90 days, overall job postings for skilled trades have risen by 10%, with notable increases in demand for stonemasons, carpenters, and construction laborers.
  2. Respect the Craft Month:
    • PeopleReady Skilled Trades celebrates May as Respect the Craft Month, acknowledging the vital role of skilled tradespeople in communities.
    • This annual event, now in its fourth year, fosters a sense of belonging and pride within the craft and trades workforce.
  3. Employee Appreciation and Testimonials:
    • Skilled workers share their love for working in the trades, emphasizing the fulfillment and versatility of their roles.
    • Testimonials from carpenters, welders, and electricians highlight the passion and dedication within the skilled trades community.
  4. Innovative Recruitment and Retention Strategies:
    • To remain competitive amidst increasing demand, skilled trades employers must prioritize innovative recruitment and retention tactics.
    • PeopleReady Skilled Trades emphasizes ongoing initiatives like the Respect the Craft loyalty program to honor and reward tradespeople for their commitment.
  5. Long-Term Support and Recognition:
    • Beyond Respect the Craft Month, PeopleReady Skilled Trades provides year-round opportunities for tradespeople to celebrate milestones and receive recognition for their contributions.
    • Initiatives like the Respect the Craft loyalty program aim to foster a supportive environment for skilled workers while addressing labor shortages.

PeopleReady Skilled Trades’ dedication to celebrating skilled workers during Respect the Craft Month reflects its commitment to addressing labor shortages and fostering a thriving trades workforce. By prioritizing employee appreciation and implementing innovative recruitment strategies, the company continues to support the essential contributions of tradespeople to communities and industries across the U.S.