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Chief’s New Report Reveals C-Suite Executives’ Views on DEI and Social Issues

Chief's New Report Reveals C-Suite Executives' Views on DEI and Social Issues
New Chief Report Reveals Perspectives from C-Suite Executives on DEI and Weighing in on Social Issues

Chief, the premier network of senior executive women, has released its New Era of Leadership Report, shedding light on C-Suite executives‘ stance on diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and public engagement on social issues.

  1. Investment in DEI Remains Strong Among C-Suite Executives:
    • Contrary to headlines, 80% of executives are investing in DEI initiatives.
    • Only 20% plan to reduce or eliminate DEI efforts in 2024.
    • 36% plan to continue, while 44% intend to enhance or introduce new DEI initiatives.
  2. Importance of DEI in Leadership:
    • Two in five executives rank DEI among top leadership capabilities for 2024.
    • DEI is seen as pivotal for effective C-Suite leadership.
  3. Executives Weighing Risks of Taking Public Stances on Social Issues:
    • 87% believe public stance on social issues is riskier than staying silent.
    • 90% feel pressure from stakeholders to voice opinions on various topics.
  4. Sources of Pressure on Executives:
    • External voices, including public, customers, and community leaders (73%).
    • Internal stakeholders like employees and shareholders (60%).
    • Company leadership and board values (58%).
  5. Influence of Stakeholder Expectations:
    • Stakeholder expectations (47%) outweigh company values in decision-making.
    • Public opinion and shareholder sentiments are key drivers.
  6. Insights from Chief’s CEO, Carolyn Childers:
    • Emphasizes the business benefits of investing in DEI.
    • Acknowledges the challenges faced by executives in addressing social issues.
    • Stresses the importance of aligning company actions with core values.
  7. Impact on Chief’s Programming:
    • Insights will shape Chief’s offerings, including roundtable discussions and executive coaching.
    • Aims to empower senior executive women in maximizing their leadership influence.

Chief’s New Era of Leadership Report underscores the unwavering commitment of C-Suite executives to DEI initiatives. While executives recognize the importance of DEI and its positive impact on business, they also grapple with the risks associated with taking public stances on social issues. Carolyn Childers, Chief’s CEO, highlights the need for companies to understand their values and align actions accordingly. The report’s findings will guide Chief in providing valuable resources to its extensive network of senior executive women, aiding them in enhancing their leadership impact.