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Core Group Resources Launches Core Trinidad, Ltd. to Enhance Regional Services

Core Group Resources Launches Core Trinidad, Ltd. to Enhance Regional Services

Core Group Resources, a leader in providing skilled personnel to diverse industries, is pleased to announce the opening of Core Trinidad, Ltd. This strategic expansion aims to better serve clients in the region, with a focus on the energy, maritime, construction, and related sectors. The initiative emphasizes maximizing Trinidadian content by hiring local nationals, thereby contributing to the economic growth of Trinidad and Tobago.

Strategic Expansion in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Local Impact: Core Trinidad, Ltd. aims to maximize local content, hiring Trinidadian nationals to support local companies.
  • Economic Contribution: This expansion is designed to positively impact the Trinidadian economy by creating job opportunities and fostering local talent.

Leadership and Expertise

  • Matt Fuhrman, CEO: “We are excited to bring our local experience and network of skilled professionals to meet the growing needs of our customers in the region.”
  • Dan O’Connor, Vice President: With over 20 years of corporate operations management and a deep connection to Trinidad since 2004, O’Connor brings invaluable expertise to the new venture.

Focus Areas and Services

  • Industries Served: Energy, maritime, construction, and related sectors.
  • Local Operations: Establishing local operations to provide superior service and create lasting career opportunities for local candidates.

Proprietary Systems and Global Expansion

  • Placement Systems and Software: Core Group is introducing its proprietary systems to work closely with major E&P companies, independents, service contractors, and local businesses.
  • Quality Personnel: The focus will be on providing both technical and non-technical personnel for high-demand roles.

The launch of Core Trinidad, Ltd. represents a significant step in Core Group Resources’ global expansion strategy. By focusing on local talent and leveraging proprietary systems, Core Trinidad aims to meet the growing demands of clients while contributing to the economic development of Trinidad and Tobago. Under the leadership of Dan O’Connor, the new operation is set to provide exceptional service and create meaningful career opportunities for local professionals.