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Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Cornerstone Galaxy to Address Workforce Readiness Gap

Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Cornerstone Galaxy to Address Workforce Readiness Gap
Cornerstone Redefines Learning and Talent Management with Launch of AI-Powered Workforce Agility Platform, Cornerstone Galaxy
  1. Addressing Workforce Readiness Gap: Cornerstone Galaxy aims to tackle the widening workforce readiness gap caused by the rapid pace of change in today’s workplaces. A partnership with Lighthouse Research revealed that 63% of enterprise leaders feel their workforce lacks adaptability, exacerbated by AI-driven workplace changes.

  2. Empowering High-Performing Organizations: The platform enables organizations to cultivate high-performing, future-ready teams by identifying skills gaps and enhancing workforce agility. With AI driving administrative workflows and personal development experiences, Cornerstone Galaxy goes beyond traditional learning and talent solutions.
  3. Innovative Features: Cornerstone Galaxy introduces several industry-leading innovations:
    • Cornerstone Immerse: An advanced immersive spatial learning solution leveraging AI for adaptive experiences and content subscription dedicated to extended reality environments.
    • Cornerstone Companion: An AI-powered companion for talent development, facilitating skill building, knowledge access, and content curation.
    • Cornerstone Talent Intelligence: Powered by analytics and AI, it provides rich data visualizations connecting talent processes to outcomes like retention and engagement.
    • Cornerstone Extend: Enhancing partner integration and usability, providing a marketplace of solutions for customers.
  4. Leadership and Expert Endorsement: Himanshu Palsule, CEO of Cornerstone, emphasizes the platform’s role in elevating organizational performance and workforce adaptability. Industry analyst Josh Bersin highlights the importance of dynamic people practices, aligning with Cornerstone’s focus on workforce agility.
  5. Customer Testimonials: Derek Blake from Encore Global underscores the platform’s impact on talent retention, skill development, and engagement. Cornerstone Galaxy provides employees with greater control over their growth while offering insights for talent optimization.
  6. Connect Live Events: Further details about Cornerstone Galaxy and its features will be presented at Cornerstone’s Connect Live events across major cities.

Cornerstone Galaxy represents a significant advancement in addressing the challenges of workforce readiness and organizational adaptability. By leveraging AI and innovative features, the platform empowers organizations to optimize talent development, drive agility, and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.