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Dstny Wins Employee Wellbeing Award for Innovative HR Strategy

Dstny Wins Employee Wellbeing Award for Innovative HR Strategy
Dstny honored with ‘Employee Wellbeing Award’

During the ZoHRo Awards, an event organized by Belgian HR platform ZigZagHR to spotlight HR professionals and teams, Dstny won the prestigious Employee Wellbeing Award for its innovative approach to employee well-being.

Core Aspect of Company Culture

  • Well-being is integral to Dstny’s company culture.
  • Contributes to sustainable growth and low staff turnover.
  • Leads to limited burnout, satisfied customers, and overall company success.
  • “We are extremely proud to receive this award,” says Daan De Wever, co-founder and CEO of Dstny Group.

Formal Approach: Data-Driven Strategy

  • Rapid growth increased company complexity.
  • Lack of strategic HR tool led to the creation of
  • HR tech start-up launched with support from scientific research from VUB and Solvay Business School.
  • Provides real-time, scientifically backed, and action-oriented insights at individual, team, and company levels.
  • Annual extensive surveys and several smaller surveys conducted to explore well-being drivers.
  • Surveys result in high participation rates and respect for employee privacy.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

  • Regular eNPS surveys allow for direct employee feedback.
  • Management can monitor employee and team sentiment continuously.

Informal Approach: Core Values (ICORE)

  • Core values: Innovation, Commitment, Obsession for Customer Experience, Respect, Empowerment.
  • These values guide business practices within the company and towards external stakeholders.
  • Emphasis on open communication, accessibility, and future-oriented perspective.
  • Group CEO Daan De Wever and management team maintain approachability and a strong willingness to listen.

Dstny’s innovative approach to employee well-being, combining formal data-driven strategies with core value-based informal practices, has been recognized with the prestigious Employee Wellbeing Award. This accolade is a testament to their commitment to creating a supportive and thriving work environment, contributing to their sustainable growth and success.