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Everee and NextCrew Partner to Revolutionize Payroll for Staffing Agencies

Everee and NextCrew Partner to Revolutionize Payroll for Staffing Agencies
NextCrew Partners with Everee to Streamline Payroll Services for Temporary Staffing

Everee, a leading payroll company specializing in instant payments, has partnered with NextCrew to enhance the payroll experience for staffing agencies and temporary workers. This collaboration aims to streamline processes and provide fast payment options through integrated technology.

  1. Partnership Overview
    • Everee and NextCrew join forces to offer streamlined payroll solutions.
    • Integration combines Everee’s instant payment technology with NextCrew’s staffing platform.
  2. CEO Insights on Talent Acquisition and Retention
    • Chirag Mehta, CEO of NextCrew, emphasizes the importance of ease and flexibility in payroll.
    • Everee’s daily and instant payment options redefine traditional payroll methods.
  3. Simplifying Payroll for Staffing Agencies
    • Traditional manual timesheet tracking leads to delays and errors.
    • Integration allows users to run payroll directly through Everee without manual data entry.
    • Real-time labor data and workforce information flow seamlessly between NextCrew and Everee via OpenAPI.
  4. Testimonial from Extreme Marketing & Promotions
    • Dominick Palazzo highlights the efficiency and cost savings achieved by integrating Everee with NextCrew.
    • Focus shifts to more impactful tasks, driving productivity and growth.
  5. Impact on Temporary Staff
    • Faster pay becomes a game-changer for temporary workers.
    • Everee’s research on healthcare staffing reveals:
      • 66% live paycheck to paycheck.
      • 80% desire faster payment options.
      • 68% prioritize positions with payment within 24 hours of completing a shift.
  6. CEO Perspective on Faster Pay
    • Brett Barlow, CEO of Everee, emphasizes the growing demand for faster pay in the competitive market.
    • Partnership with NextCrew meets workers’ real-time financial needs.
    • Benefits both staffing agencies and temporary staff by empowering them with instant earnings.

The partnership between Everee and NextCrew signifies a significant advancement in payroll technology for the staffing industry. By offering seamless integration and fast payment options, they are addressing the challenges faced by staffing agencies and meeting the real-time financial needs of temporary workers. This collaboration sets a new standard for simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility in payroll management.