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EY US Technology Pulse Poll Reveals Impact of AI on Future of Work

EY US Technology Pulse Poll Reveals Impact of AI on Future of Work
EY survey reveals artificial intelligence is creating new hiring needs, while also making it more challenging to source the right talent

Ernst & Young LLP unveils findings from its recent Technology Pulse Poll, shedding light on the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work, encompassing integration strategies, talent dynamics, and cultural shifts within organizations.

The poll finds that 50% of business leaders anticipate a combination of both layoffs and hiring over the next six months as a direct result of AI adoption. Yet, even with hiring plans in place, three out of five technology leaders (61%) say that emerging technology has made it more challenging for their company to source top technology talent.

  1. Impact of AI Adoption:
    • Survey of over 250 technology industry leaders conducted in March 2024.
    • Anticipation of a blend of layoffs and hiring within the next six months due to AI adoption.
    • Challenges in sourcing top technology talent despite hiring intentions.
  2. Workforce Reshaping and Transition:
    • Continuous cycle of strategic workforce realignment expected, marked by simultaneous layoffs and hiring.
    • Recognition of the transformative potential of AI in enhancing competitiveness and scaling operations.
  3. AI Utilization in the Workplace:
    • Significant adoption of AI among employees, with daily usage reported in coding, data analysis, and communication.
    • Concerns regarding AI regulation balanced with a positive impact on workplace culture.
  4. Key Findings and Investment Trends:
    • Top concerns include upskilling employees, IP protection, and transparency in decision-making.
    • Continued rise in AI investment, with focus on roles like cybersecurity analysts, data scientists, and AI engineers.
  5. Focus on AI Upskilling:
    • Implementation of internal development programs and technical certifications to address the evolving landscape of generative AI (GenAI).
    • Recognition of the critical role of upskilling in navigating AI-driven transformations.

EY’s Technology Pulse Poll underscores the complex interplay between AI adoption, workforce dynamics, and regulatory challenges in the technology industry. While AI presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation and growth, organizations must prioritize talent development and regulatory compliance to navigate this transformative landscape effectively.