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F1 Hire and ETS’s TOEIC Program Forge Partnership to Elevate Career Prospects for International Talents

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the landscape of global career development, F1 Hire, a trailblazer in AI-driven job-seeking solutions, has joined forces with Educational Testing Services (ETS), the revered institution behind the esteemed TOEIC® test. This strategic alliance is aimed at bolstering the career trajectories of international talents, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of professional advancement.

The collaboration between F1 Hire and ETS is more than a partnership; it is a synergistic endeavor that promises to blend the innovative AI technology of F1 Hire with the linguistic and professional assessment prowess of the TOEIC® test. Together, they are poised to offer a comprehensive ecosystem that not only assesses but also enhances the employability of international talents, fostering a bridge between potential and opportunity.

However, despite these advanced tools and assessments, navigating the U.S. job market remains a significant challenge for international talents. According to the International Talent Friendliness Index (ITFI) maintained by F1 Hire, only less than 1.6% of job openings in the U.S. job market are friendly to international talents, while a staggering 12% explicitly reject any sponsorship. This stark reality underscores the necessity of this partnership and the comprehensive support it aims to provide to international job seekers.

By integrating the TOEIC® test’s robust assessment capabilities into its system, F1 Hire offers users a holistic view of their professional standing. The integration will empower job seekers to identify and bridge skill gaps, tailor their career paths, and navigate the global job market with unprecedented precision and confidence.

Both F1 Hire and ETS are committed to this venture with a shared vision: to sculpt a future where international talents are not just participants but leaders in the global workforce. The partnership is not just a testament to innovation and excellence but also a beacon of hope for millions of job seekers striving to make their mark in an increasingly competitive world.

As the collaboration unfolds, the industry awaits a transformation set to reshape the way talents are nurtured, assessed, and engaged. With a combined force of technology, assessment, and a deep understanding of the global job market, F1 Hire and ETS are on a mission to turn potential into success, one professional milestone at a time.