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HomeNewsGalaxy Technology Hires LLC Recognized as a Top Longhorn-Led Business in 2024

Galaxy Technology Hires LLC Recognized as a Top Longhorn-Led Business in 2024

Galaxy Technology Hires LLC Recognized as a Top Longhorn-Led Business in 2024
Former SpaceX Recruiter’s GalaxyTek Named Global Top 10 Fastest Growing Longhorn Owned Business

Introduce Galaxy Technology Hires LLC as a top Longhorn 100 winner, highlighting its exceptional achievements in the recruitment industry and its founder’s prestigious background at SpaceX.

Founder’s Background: Explore Brandon Garrett’s successful career at SpaceX, where he played a key role in hiring talent for critical projects, contributing to the company’s rapid growth and success. Highlight Garrett’s expertise in talent acquisition and his impact on SpaceX’s achievements in space exploration.

Company Overview: Provide an overview of GalaxyTek’s services and focus areas, including customized recruitment solutions for industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Tech, Healthcare, and more. Highlight the firm’s strategic approach to talent acquisition and its commitment to excellence.

Strategic Locations and Team: Discuss GalaxyTek’s headquarters in downtown Houston and its presence across strategic talent markets in the U.S., including the Florida space coast, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and others. Highlight the expertise of the company’s Recruiters, including former SpaceX employees, and their ability to provide specialized recruitment support.

Recruitment Services: Detail GalaxyTek’s comprehensive recruitment services, including direct full-time hire, retained and contingent search offerings, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), consulting, and contract solutions. Emphasize the firm’s ability to meet critical hiring surge demands and provide support for highly specialized skill sets, including Defense hires with active clearances.

Recognition and Awards: Celebrate GalaxyTek’s recognition as a top Longhorn-led business in 2024 and its inclusion in the prestigious Longhorn 100 list. Highlight the company’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing exceptional services to clients.

Summarize GalaxyTek’s success story and its ongoing commitment to excellence in talent acquisition. Emphasize the company’s strategic approach, industry expertise, and dedication to providing customized recruitment solutions to clients across diverse industries.