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Global Volunteering Summit 2024: Goodera Unveils Breakthroughs in Corporate Volunteering

The first Global Volunteering Summit ’24 on March 27th and 28th marked the launch of groundbreaking initiatives to revolutionize corporate led volunteering and employee engagement.

Organized by Goodera, the leading volunteering management platform, and co-created by a community of social impact practitioners, the summit brought together leading minds in the corporate leadership and impact space such as Ursula Burns (former CEO of Xerox), Afdhel Aziz (Conspiracy of Love), Dr. William Fleming (Oxford University), and Chris Jarvis (Realized Worth) among others.

The Global Volunteering Summit served as a platform for social impact executives from over 100 renowned organizations to connect with peers, deepen their understanding of volunteering’s impact, and explore the vital role of technology in social innovation through volunteering. At the Summit, Goodera also announced innovative solutions to create actionable, positive change:

Goodera’s Corporate Volunteering Quotient 2024 Report
Goodera launched its first Volunteering Quotient Report, offering insights into volunteering initiatives across 162 company ESG and annual reports that revealed:

  • Workforce Participation: Median participation stands at 20.1%, led by Financials (23.34%), Energy and Utilities (22.6%), and Technology (22.18%).
  • Average Volunteering Hours: Corporate volunteers contribute an average of 6.8 hours through their organizations. Notably, Energy and Utilities volunteers contribute the highest, at 11.2 hours per volunteer.
  • Impact of Volunteering Enablers: Companies offering employees volunteering enablers such as ‘Dollars for doers’, volunteering time off, or a volunteering platform exhibit, on average, ~1.5 times higher volunteer participation rates.

Tech-Powered Volunteering Launches

  • Volunteering API: Allows seamless integration between a company’s volunteering activities and their existing volunteering platforms. Goodera launched API integrations with leading employee giving platforms including Deed and Yourcause by Blackbaud. With Goodera’s API, customers can:
    • List Goodera volunteer opportunities within their platform
    • Book Goodera volunteer events seamlessly
    • Automatically generate registration pages
    • Easily track volunteer hours in real-time
  • QR Code-Based Volunteer Hours Tracker: Offers a streamlined solution for tracking volunteer hours to increase accountability and impact.
  • Volunteer Quotient Tool: An industry-first volunteer quotient tool that enables impact teams to benchmark their volunteer programs to industry peers.

“The Global Volunteering Summit ’24 represented a watershed moment for both Goodera and the volunteerism movement, uniting our community to showcase the power of collective action, innovation, and technology.” said Abhishek Humbad, Founder and CEO of Goodera. “Our latest launches mark the next step in Goodera’s journey to streamline corporate volunteering programs while amplifying their employee engagement and social impact.”