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Greenhouse Welcomes Paul Todgham as New Chief Financial Officer

"Greenhouse Welcomes Paul Todgham as New Chief Financial Officer"
Greenhouse Hires New Chief Financial Officer, Paul Todgham

Greenhouse, a leading hiring platform, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Todgham as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With an extensive background in finance leadership, strategy, and consulting spanning over two decades, Paul brings a wealth of experience to Greenhouse’s Executive leadership team.

  1. Paul Todgham’s Impressive Career Background
    • Over 20 years of experience in finance leadership, strategy, and consulting.
    • Most recently served as CFO at Cognex Corp, overseeing global finance, sales operations, and Information Technology.
    • Held senior leadership positions at Levi Strauss & Company, focusing on finance for Global Supply Chain, Distribution, Merchandising, and more.
    • Previously served as Vice President of Finance for Ross Stores, Inc., overseeing FP&A and Treasury.
    • Spent nearly a decade at The Boston Consulting Group, advising technology and consumer sector clients on strategy, operations, and organization.
  2. Warm Welcome from Greenhouse CEO, Daniel Chait
    • Daniel Chait, Greenhouse co-founder and CEO, expresses excitement about Paul’s appointment as CFO.
    • Highlights Paul’s extensive expertise as a finance leader and passion for recruiting and team development.
    • Looks forward to Paul’s contribution to Greenhouse’s future growth and success.
  3. Paul Todgham’s Vision as Greenhouse CFO
    • Paul shares his excitement about joining Greenhouse and helping the company transition from growth and profitability to best-in-class financial performance.
    • Emphasizes the importance of building a larger, more profitable business to create strategic options for the company’s future.
    • Believes Greenhouse is well-positioned for long-term success and looks forward to contributing to its journey.

Paul Todgham’s appointment as Greenhouse’s new CFO marks an exciting chapter for the leading hiring platform. With his extensive finance leadership experience and passion for team development, Paul is set to play a pivotal role in driving Greenhouse’s financial performance and supporting its growth ambitions. As part of the Executive leadership team, Paul’s vision aligns perfectly with Greenhouse’s goals of achieving long-term success and building a larger, more profitable business. Daniel Chait, Greenhouse co-founder and CEO, warmly welcomes Paul and looks forward to the valuable contributions he will make to the company’s future.