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Grokker Launches New Weight Management Solution for Organizations to Support Employee Wellbeing

Industry-leading corporate wellbeing service provider introduces Weight Loss Jumpstart which combines a USDA-Backed Approach with Grokker’s Proprietary Core Four™ System to create sustainable weight loss

Grokker, the leading digital employee wellbeing provider, announced today the launch of Weight Loss Jumpstart an evidence-based, live, and on-demand resource that helps organizations support employee wellbeing and healthy weight management.

The first program in Grokker’s Healthy Weight Suite, Weight Loss Jumpstart is an eight-week program led by a Registered Dietitian. Weight Loss Jumpstart teaches weight loss through food inclusion, using a combination of the USDA-backed approach for calculating resting metabolic rate and Grokker’s proprietary system, Core Four™. With Core Four™, members gain an understanding of how to incorporate the four nutrition building blocks into their daily meals as well as manage four key factors that contribute to weight loss food, mood, movement, and sleep.

“Every New Year, millions of people make a plan to lose weight, whether by turning to the latest fad diet or joining traditional weight loss programs. I’ve tried so many over the years, and while the specifics may vary, the bottom line is ‘eat less, move more,'” explains Lorna Borenstein, CEO and Founder of Grokker. “This kind of approach may work for some, but for most people even with the help of their clinicians it can lead to what feels like a never-ending yo-yo cycle of restrictive dieting, weight loss, inability to sustain restrictive dieting, gradual weight gain, and then re-starting restrictive dieting, all of which heavily impact a person’s mental and physical health.”

Like Grokker’s Mental Health Guides here participants reported a 72% improvement in their mental health upon completion as measured by pre-and post-assessments Weight Loss Jumpstart takes a holistic approach by focusing on more than just nutrition. It combines live sessions, a proprietary “three-steps-a-day” program, community cohorts, and expert interaction with a Registered Dietitian. The Jumpstart is designed to complement the clinical and help members think about weight loss in a new way, focusing on food inclusion rather than restriction to meet their weight loss goals.

With Weight Loss Jumpstart, employees have access to:

  • Pre and post-program assessments to generate a personalized weight loss plan and record progress
  • Visually immersive and expert-guided experiences focused on body-positive fundamentals of how food, mood, sleep, and exercise impact weight loss
  • The support of a cohort facing similar challenges