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HiBob Study Reveals Gender Pay and Promotion Perceptions Between Men and Women Are at Odds with Reality

HiBob, the company behind Bob, the modern HR platform for midsized multinationals, today releases the results of its latest study, “Women Professionals in the Modern US Workplace.” It reveals that despite progress for women in corporate America, a lack of transparency is behind varying perspectives impeding advancement.

“2022 was the year of the employee-upperhand and the Great Resignation, but 2023 was the year regulators pushed for better salary transparency and pay equity both at organizational level, and externally,” said Ronni Zehavi, co-founder and CEO of HiBob. Reports like this aim to dispel myths and guide businesses in confronting reality.”

Pay & Promotions
A majority (80%) of men feel that men and women are promoted equally, whereas only 61% of women agree. Around a third of women (35%) feel men are promoted more often or quicker than women. Additional findings include:

  • Half (50%) of male respondents were promoted with a pay increase in 2023, compared to only 34% of females.
  • 82% of respondents said their organization does not share salary information.
  • 22% of women believe working mothers are promoted less.

34% of women believe men are paid more than them for the same role. Conversely, 82% of men believe they are paid equally to women pointing to a drastic difference in salary perceptions.

People (41%) want more time off and improved parental leave terms, more so than increased health coverage (37%) or flexible hours. Men (75%) are three times as likely to receive a benefits increase than women (25%).

  • Only 60% of women agreed their organization encourages their employees to take the full offered time off for parental leave.

Female Leadership and Exposure 
53% of men felt their company had made a visible effort within the last year to develop more female leaders while only 38% of women say the same. Additionally, only 33% of women said their company currently has balanced male/female leadership.

  • 36% of men see company’s attitude towards women “through culture,” while 80% of women don’t see values there.

Visit the full report for more information.