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hireEZ Partners with IQTalent to Offer On-Demand Recruiting Support

hireEZ, known for its recruiter-focused sourcing and candidate relationship management platform, is teaming up with IQTalent, a renowned talent acquisition firm, to offer unique on-demand recruiting support to its customers. This partnership aims to enhance the recruitment process and maximize the value of hireEZ’s platform immediately.

1) Partnership Benefits for hireEZ Customers

  • Access to Expert Recruiting Support:
    • On-demand access to IQTalent’s team of talent researchers, sourcers, and recruiters.
    • Immediate value realization for hireEZ customers.
  • Accelerated Onboarding and Results:
    • Faster team onboarding with hireEZ’s platform tools.
    • Demonstrated methods to maximize recruiting outcomes from day one.

2) Value Proposition for Recruitment Technology Buyers

  • Real-World Recruiting Scenarios:
    • Utilizing hireEZ’s powerful features in practical recruitment situations.
    • Driving improved hiring results with expert guidance and training.
  • Flexible Support During High-Volume Periods:
    • Alleviating pressure for short-staffed TA teams.
    • Maintaining in-house hiring capabilities with on-demand recruiting services.

3) IQTalent’s On-Demand Services for hireEZ Users

  • Full-Cycle Recruiting Support:
    • From candidate sourcing and research to full lifecycle recruiting.
  • Expert Guidance and Training:
    • Introducing hireEZ platform to recruitment processes.
    • Familiarizing recruiters with platform tools and features.
  • Optimizing hireEZ Platform Capabilities:
    • Leveraging ATS data, sourcing, candidate outreach, calendar management, and more.
    • Enhancing recruitment analytics and employment branding.

Comments from hireEZ and IQTalent Leadership

  • Steven Jiang, Co-founder and CEO at hireEZ:
    • Emphasizing the combined value of hireEZ’s tech and IQTalent’s expert services.
    • Supporting HR and hiring teams with improved recruiting outcomes.
  • Chris Murdock, Founder and Chief Sourcing Officer at IQTalent:
    • Highlighting the benefits of on-demand services during high-volume periods.
    • Demonstrating significant improvements in hiring outcomes for hireEZ customers.

The partnership between hireEZ and IQTalent marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the recruitment industry. By offering on-demand recruiting support, hireEZ aims to provide its customers with the tools and expertise needed to optimize their recruitment processes and achieve better hiring outcomes. With access to IQTalent’s experienced team, hireEZ users can expect accelerated onboarding, improved candidate engagement, and enhanced recruitment analytics, driving success from day one.