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Hireology Achieves Platinum ATS Partner Status with Indeed

Hireology has secured its position as a top-tier partner with Indeed, earning Platinum ATS Partner status. This prestigious recognition emphasizes Hireology’s commitment to supporting industries like senior care, hospitality, and retail automotive, which grapple with substantial talent challenges.

1) Significance of Platinum ATS Partnership

  • Exclusive Recognition:
    • One of only 10 companies to achieve Platinum ATS Partner status with Indeed.
    • Solely dedicated to supporting industries with significant talent supply and demand gaps.
  • Harnessing Combined Strengths:
    • Leveraging Hireology’s top-rated recruitment automation technology.
    • Tapping into Indeed’s vast network of employers and job seekers.

2) Key Integration Enhancements in 2023

  • Job Sync:
    • Direct transfer of new or updated jobs from Hireology to Indeed via XML feed.
  • Indeed Apply Sync:
    • Seamless application process for candidates within Indeed.
    • 5x increase in completed applications for employers using Indeed Apply.
  • Disposition Sync:
    • Automatic sharing of applicant statuses between Hireology and Indeed.
  • Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration:
    • Direct sponsorship and spending tracking of jobs from Hireology.
    • 4.5x higher likelihood of hires from sponsored jobs.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance:
    • Automated collection and transfer of EEOC questions from applicants to Indeed.

3) Future Collaborative Initiatives

  • Platform Enhancements:
    • Continued integration improvements to streamline hiring processes.
  • Joint Research and Learning:
    • Collaborative studies and educational opportunities for employers.

Comments from Hireology’s CEO, Adam Robinson

  • Achievement and Vision:
    • Celebrating the Platinum partnership with Indeed.
    • Commitment to innovation in the recruiting space with Indeed’s collaboration.
  • Benefits for Industries in Focus:
    • Facilitating easier connections with top talent.
    • Rapidly filling critical roles in challenging industries.

Hireology’s Platinum ATS Partner status with Indeed marks a significant milestone in the recruitment industry. By integrating Hireology’s recruitment automation technology with Indeed’s expansive platform, both companies aim to revolutionize hiring processes for industries facing talent shortages. The recent enhancements and future collaborative initiatives promise to deliver enhanced value, efficiency, and innovation to employers, further strengthening their competitive edge in the hiring market.