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Ida Byrd-Hill to Lead Discussion on HR Strategies Amidst Employee Activism at SHRM Talent Management Conference

Renowned HR strategist and advocate for tech reskilling, Ida Byrd-Hill, is set to deliver a crucial presentation titled “Navigating Labor Disputes: HR Strategies in Response to Employee Revolt – Lessons from the UAW Strike” at the upcoming SHRM Talent Management Conference on March 22, 2024.

As HR professionals grapple with the challenges posed by the current wave of employee activism, Byrd-Hill’s session offers an in-depth exploration of the effective management of collective bargaining and employee dissatisfaction. The talk is timely, set against the backdrop of the Great Resignation, the Quiet Quitting trend, and a marked rise in unionization efforts.

The keynote will draw upon the recent UAW Strike, the longest labor stoppage in the past 25 years, which culminated in a notable $6 billion revenue loss. This case study will serve as the foundation for a discussion on the root causes of employee discontent in the post-pandemic landscape and the development of strategies to mitigate risks and maintain positive employee relations during collective actions.

Key Takeaways from the Session:

  • Insight into the undercurrents of post-pandemic employee discontent across industries.
  • Tactics for establishing effective communication channels between HR, management, and employees to preemptively address concerns.
  • Strategies for crafting a robust crisis management plan specifically designed to navigate the complexities of labor disputes.

Ida Byrd-Hill’s extensive background in people management, strategy, and her leadership in initiatives that champion diversity and reskilling, positions her as a leading voice in the field. Her session promises to equip HR professionals with the knowledge to turn the tide on labor disputes and to foster a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

The SHRM Talent Management Conference is the must-attend event for HR professionals seeking to advance their careers and strategies amidst the evolving landscape of employee relations. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain from Byrd-Hill’s 30 years of expertise and her innovative approach to HR challenges.