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ISG Launches Research Study on Workday Ecosystem Providers

ISG Launches Research Study on Workday Ecosystem Providers
ISG to Evaluate Workday Ecosystem Providers

Information Services Group, a renowned global technology research and advisory firm, has initiated a Research study focusing on providers facilitating optimal utilization of the Workday cloud-based enterprise management platform.

  1. Workday’s Product Innovation:
    • Emphasis on leveraging AI and machine learning for enhancing products like Workday Extend and Workday Enterprise Management Cloud.
    • Objectives aimed at providing users with the ability to create custom applications and integrating HR, finance, resource planning, and analytics.
  2. Enterprise Requirements:
    • Enterprises seek guidance from providers for digital HCM transformation, Workday implementation, system fine-tuning, and performance optimization.
    • Goals include enhancing user experience and cost reduction.
  3. Recalibration of Partner Ecosystem:
    • Workday emphasizes system integration within its partner ecosystem to elevate platform value, focusing on industry-specific solutions.
    • Shift towards an engineering-led approach by Workday partners to drive innovation and improve user experience.
  4. ISG’s Research Approach:
    • Surveys distributed to over 55 Workday ecosystem providers.
    • Three quadrants representing services enterprises typically procure: Transformation, Deployment and Integration, Performance and Optimization.
    • Geographically focused reports covering the global Workday ecosystem, with detailed analysis of products and services available in the U.S. and Europe.

ISG’s Provider Lens research series offers enterprises empirical, data-driven evaluations combined with real-world observations from ISG’s global advisory team, aiding in the selection of suitable sourcing partners.