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Lattice Unveils a Bold Evolution for its People Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Announces AI Engagement Insights Built on OpenAI

The company shared details on a new era of innovation designed to help people and businesses thrive.

Lattice today announced Lattice AI, artificial intelligence designed to make the employee experience more human, which will be integrated into the company’s suite of industry-leading HR software. This will accelerate Lattice’s mission to make work more meaningful by empowering employees, managers, and HR teams with its AI-powered people platform.

Today’s organizations are asking HR teams to do more, often with less. Lattice’s 2024 State of People Strategy Report found that 62% of HR teams reported flat or decreasing budgets, while also facing increased pressure to drive performance across the company. Yet while 76% of HR professionals are actively considering implementing AI, only 15% of companies report that they are currently leveraging the technology to make their teams and processes more effective. AI can play an especially transformative role by augmenting managers and enabling greater impact – and recent research from Gartner has found that managers today are juggling 51% more responsibilities than they can effectively handle.

“AI can transform the impact of HR teams, employees, and most of all, managers. Lattice AI will augment overwhelmed managers to better understand their teams, guide them effectively, and personalize engagement and enablement,” said Sarah Franklin, CEO at Lattice. “When people thrive, business thrives.”

This new chapter of innovation for Lattice begins with the launch of AI Engagement Insights, which will analyze employee survey comments quickly and seamlessly to ensure that the employee voice is heard across an organization.

AI Engagement Insights, Powered by OpenAI

HR teams today have access to more data than ever, but it’s distributed across multiple systems and not easy to report on. Gleaning insights from that data can be a significant challenge, often requiring time-consuming manual work.

According to Gallup, just 34% of employees report being engaged at work, and one of the key reasons behind employee disengagement is the feeling that their voices are not being heard – that they are shouting into a void about what they need from their employer, and no one is listening.

Engagement surveys empower HR teams and managers to understand employee sentiment and take action on the key opportunities and areas of improvement. Lattice’s AI Engagement Insights, launching later this month, will save HR teams significant time by synthesizing all the open-ended survey responses, identifying key trends, and surfacing recommendations for action planning in an instant, allowing HR teams to more quickly and effectively drive positive change for their people.

Make Your Employee Experience More Human With AI

The mission behind Lattice AI is to help businesses – and their people – thrive, empowering HR teams with the tools they need to streamline operations and make managers more effective. Lattice AI is about more than efficiency. It’s about equipping teams to better make sense of data, become more strategic, and deliver a more human employee experience.

“High performing employees are engaged employees, and managers are absolutely critical to creating buy-in and engagement with their teams,” said Gianna Driver, CHRO of Exabeam. “Lattice AI is transformative for companies because it empowers managers with time savings, data-based insights, and clarity on how to more effectively coach their teams, which will lead to improved performance across the board.”