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ManpowerGroup Launches 2024 VivaTech Startup Challenge to Power the People-First Future

Platinum Partner of Europe’s largest startup and tech event seeks innovative solutions for sustainable skills development, humanizing work in the age of AI, and transforming recruiting through automation

 Committed to empowering people in the age of rapid technological change, ManpowerGroup is setting its sights on the future of work by calling on submissions from the most innovative startups in the world to participate in its 2024 Viva Technology Startup Challenge. Additionally, ManpowerGroup will once again be a Platinum Partner for VivaTech, cementing its position as a key contributor to the 8th edition of Europe’s largest startup and tech event, taking place in ParisMay 22-25.

“VivaTech brings together the greatest minds in technology and business to tackle the opportunities and challenges facing our rapidly changing world of work,” said Alain Roumilhac, ManpowerGroup France and Southern Europe Region President. “Our goal is to leverage technology to put people first.”

With the theme of “People-First Transformation,” the 2024 challenge focuses on the intersection of technology and human potential, seeking innovative ideas across three key areas:

  • Preparing people for the green transition with sustainable skills development
  • Humanizing work in the age of AI by enhancing human connections and capabilities
  • Transforming recruiting through automation to focus on the human side of talent acquisition

“Technology holds incredible promise to augment uniquely human strengths like creativity, empathy and judgment,” Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup, said. “Our goal with this challenge is to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of the startup community to develop ethical, human-centric applications of AI and automation to create opportunities for all.”