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HomeNewsManpowerGroup Leads "People-First Transformation" Discourse at VivaTech 2024

ManpowerGroup Leads “People-First Transformation” Discourse at VivaTech 2024

ManpowerGroup Leads "People-First Transformation" Discourse at VivaTech 2024
Empowering People in an AI-Driven World: ManpowerGroup at Viva Tech 2024

ManpowerGroup takes center stage at VivaTech, Europe’s premier tech event, to champion a “People-First Transformation” amidst the AI revolution, fostering inclusivity and sustainability in the future of work.

Pre-Conference Event Highlights:

  • Exclusive pre-conference event on May 21, setting the stage for discussions on:
    • Humanizing work through AI.
    • Transforming recruiting with automation.
    • Navigating workforce revolutions like the green transition and Gen AI emergence.
  • Featured speakers include industry luminaries and ManpowerGroup executives, streaming at:

Key Events at VivaTech:

  1. “AI Transformation: Putting People First” (May 22, 12 pm CEST): Jonas Prising and distinguished guests delve into AI’s impact on jobs and ensuring inclusivity.
  2. “Leveling the Field: The Power of Diversity in Business” (May 24, 3:35 pm CEST): Ruth Harper leads a discussion on diversity’s role in innovation, featuring industry experts.
  3. Startup Challenge: ManpowerGroup unveils startups addressing sustainable skills development, humanizing work, and transforming recruiting.

Join ManpowerGroup at VivaTech to explore how AI intersects with humanity, forging a future where people remain the priority. Don’t miss out on transformative discussions and innovative solutions.