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MaxLearn LLC launches its eponymous microlearning platform, and ‘The MaxLearn Method’ as a methodology for effective microlearning

MaxLearn LLC has just launched its flagship microlearning platform, by name ‘MaxLearn‘ as a one-stop technology solution for training corporate employees. It is designed by adopting a comprehensive methodology called The MaxLearn Method which produces an all-in-one solution for effective microlearning by bring together all the functionalities and their best practices in each of the three wings of microlearning, namely, the Content Creation, Delivery, and Verification.

MaxLearn goes beyond the general yardstick of reversing the  Forgetting Curve by leveraging AI and advanced automation to comprehensively address the pain points faced by the training industry in all the three departments of Content Creation, Delivery, and Verification, and provide learning that is reinforced for ready recall with long term memory.

The distinguishing features that make MaxLearn stand out are discussed below:

AI-Powered Content Creation:

MaxLearn takes a leap forward in technology by offering an AI-powered authoring tool (together with an inbuilt manual authoring tool) to relieve the burden of content creation.

It solves a critical pain point in creating microlearning content by generating key learning points effortlessly and instantaneously from the mass of in-house content. It is scientifically structured and generates microlearning content like flashcards and questions and answers woven around the key learning points. Further, it generates questions of graded difficulty levels for adaptive learning following Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Automation of Risk-Specific training: 

Large organizations typically balk at the complexity of automating the assignment of risk-focused training by microtargeting their workforce owing to its high cost, its demands of a large manpower and technical infrastructure, and a lack of effective automation.

MaxLearn’s intelligent algorithm makes risk-specific, personalized training happen instantaneously and effortlessly irrespective of the size of the workforce.

Multi-Dimensional Personalization of learning:

MaxLearn adopts a multi-dimensional approach to the personalization of learning which, inter alia, includes adaptive learning, risk-specific assignment of learning, active learning, participative learning, and gamified learning apart from the options of multiple modes of learning, multiple learning devices, and a multi-lingual option.

Personalized learning approach is integrated with gamification by limiting learning to the level required by each player to create a level playing ground for each learner.

Innovative Gamification of Learning:

Learning happens in MaxLearn through gamified Team Challenges which blend team spirit with personalisation of individual learning.

Gamification does not operate as a stand-alone activity for fun but is so intertwined with microlearning as to realize learning as its main objective.

Gamification is designed as a Win-Win Challenge for every learner as points and rewards are earned for participation also and not just for winning.

Comprehensive Data Analytics:

MaxLearn comes with comprehensive data analytics providing for real-time verification of not only the learning growth of employees but also the learning gap, and more importantly, the attainment of the organization’s learning goals, each of which is tracked at the individual topic level.

ROI for every stakeholder:

The MaxLearn Method is designed to produce a complete microlearning solution by harnessing the power of AI and Risk-focused Automation of learning assignments to maximize the ROI for each of the three stakeholders in the field of training – the client company, the trainers, and the learners.

In short, the MaxLearn Method ensures that MaxLearn is the go-to technology solution for any organization which requires an informed workforce equipped with readily recallable knowledge for better business performance.