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McLean & Company Unveils Guide to Effectively Manage HR’s Work Amid Rising Stress and Strategic Demands

McLean & Company Unveils Guide to Effectively Manage HR's Work Amid Rising Stress and Strategic Demands
McLean & Company Releases New Research to Help HR Leaders Effectively Manage Work as HR’s Role Continues to Strategically Expand

Explore McLean & Company’s latest industry resource, designed to empower HR professionals with effective strategies for managing workload amidst rising stress and strategic demands. Gain insights into the evolving role of HR within organizations and the challenges posed by increased responsibilities.

  • McLean & Company’s research reveals a significant increase in HR’s involvement in organizational strategy, indicating a shift towards more strategic responsibilities.
  • Despite this positive trend, HR teams are facing elevated levels of stress and burnout due to the simultaneous management of administrative tasks and strategic priorities.
  • The guide emphasizes the detrimental impacts of stress and burnout on HR effectiveness, employee engagement, performance, and retention, highlighting the urgency for proactive workload management.

Challenges and Barriers:

  • Identify systemic barriers hindering effective workload management within HR, including negative stereotypes and biases surrounding human resources.
  • Explore common misconceptions about HR’s role and capabilities, such as the perception of HR as purely administrative or lacking business acumen.
  • Understand the impact of biases and mindset barriers, such as the sunk cost fallacy and the fear of saying no, on HR’s ability to prioritize and manage workload effectively.

Recommended Best Practices:

  • Evaluate HR’s current workload and capacity, prioritize tasks, and align with organizational goals using research-backed recommendations.
  • Explore eight methods for managing HR’s workload, including distribute, descope, postpone, develop, eliminate, automate, outsource, and hire, to determine the most suitable approach for the organization.
  • Initiate the change management process, gain buy-in for workload management methods, and communicate changes effectively to stakeholders.

Accessing the Resource:

  • Discover the full guide and additional resources, including on-demand webinars and the Manage HR’s Work Workbook tool, to support HR leaders in implementing effective workload management strategies.
  • Attend upcoming free webinars or explore the archived sessions on McLean & Company’s website to further enhance HR knowledge and skills.

Empower HR professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the evolving landscape of HR workload management effectively. By implementing research-backed strategies and overcoming systemic barriers, HR teams can enhance effectiveness, mitigate stress and burnout, and drive organizational success in today’s dynamic environment.