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New Cyber Executive Launches Personal Branding Program for Chief Information Security Officers

CISO Brand 4-Week Intensive is the first personal branding training program in cybersecurity led by both an executive coach and a branding expert and to offer a peer group network to aid learning and development

New Cyber Executive, a consultancy that helps chief information security officers (CISOs) improve leadership, communication and interpersonal skills to enhance executive presence and influence, today announced the launch of CISO Brand 4-Week Intensive.

CISO Brand 4-Week Intensive is designed to help cybersecurity executives develop a personal brand to differentiate themselves from peers, establish their expertise, and enhance their credibility and authority in a growing but highly competitive market. Led by Chris Brown, CEO and Executive Coach at New Cyber Executive, and Val Brown, CEO of Val Brown Group, the program covers personal brand, defining a brand, identifying a target audience, and promoting the brand in the market.


“As cyber threats proliferate, and regulators mandate new cyber rules for companies, cybersecurity is evolving into a strategic priority for organizations. While the importance of cybersecurity executives to enterprises is sky-rocketing, CISOs can struggle to articulate their value and build effective personal brands in support of their career development,” said Chris Brown, CEO and Executive Coach at New Cyber Executive. “We’re excited to launch CISO Brand 4-Week Intensive to enable cyber professionals to build and maintain a personal brand that advances their career mission and benefits their organization as well, whether taking on their first executive position, moving into a larger executive role, or becoming a full member of the C-suite.”

“By developing a personal brand informed by foresight, creativity and reality-based planning, CISO Brand 4-Week Intensive enables cyber professionals to position themselves as enablers of change, steering enterprises to capture the opportunities of technology while mitigating the risks,” said Val Brown, CEO of Val Brown Group. “The program helps CISOs develop strategic approaches for driving business and personal growth that align with their values, passions and unique perspectives.”

The program will enroll ten cyber professionals in each intake. It will be delivered virtually with one class, and up to three hours of self-directed work, each week. Participants will benefit from a trusted executive coach, available for two 45-minute one-on-one sessions, and a high-impact private network of ten cybersecurity peers, available via private group messaging, for rapid response knowledge sharing.