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New Indeed Flex Research Reveals 80% of Students Considering Temporary Work to Manage Financial Pressure

New Indeed Flex Research Reveals 80% of Students Considering Temporary Work to Manage Financial Pressure
Temping is More Tempting: 80% of Students Consider Temporary Work

New research from Indeed Flex, the online marketplace for flexible and temporary work, highlights the increasing financial pressure faced by students nationwide. According to the study, 80% of students are considering temporary work as a solution to manage rising living expenses and education costs. The survey reveals that flexibility, diverse job options, and immediate pay advances are key factors driving this trend.

1. Why Students are Turning to Temporary Work

  • Financial Pressure: Rising living expenses and education costs are the primary reasons behind 80% of students seeking temporary employment.
  • Flexibility: 74% of students are attracted to temporary work for its flexibility, allowing them to work around their schedules with the freedom to choose shifts that fit their availability.
  • Shift Preferences: 85% of students are interested in taking on two or more shifts to meet their financial needs.
  • Balancing Responsibilities: Two-thirds of US students are managing rent payments alongside their studies.
  • Exploring Opportunities: 26% of students prefer temporary roles to explore different industries and gain diverse experiences.

2. Most Popular Temporary Job Sectors Among Students

  • Retail: 41.5% of students consider retail jobs for flexible work opportunities.
  • Healthcare: 24.4% of students are interested in temporary positions in healthcare.
  • Hospitality: 12.2% are looking at jobs in the hospitality industry.
  • Call Centers: 11.8% are exploring opportunities as call center agents.
  • Facility Maintenance: 6.1% of students are considering facility maintenance roles.
  • Industrial: 4.5% are interested in industrial temporary positions.

3. Impact of FAFSA Changes on Student Financial Aid

  • Application Delay: The Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year has been extended to December, compared to the previous October deadline. This change may increase financial uncertainty for students as they wait for aid approval.

4. Indeed Flex’s Solutions for Students

  • Same Day Pay: Indeed Flex offers a Same Day Pay feature through their partnership with Branch, allowing students to access up to 50% of their earnings immediately after completing a shift.
  • Mobile App: The Indeed Flex mobile app provides instant access to a wide range of job opportunities with flexible scheduling to accommodate students’ academic and personal commitments.

5. Benefits for Employers

  • Access to a Flexible Workforce: Employers can tap into a pool of students for temporary roles, offering the flexibility to scale labor according to customer demand.
  • Meeting Demand: Temporary staffing solutions help businesses manage peak periods and adjust workforce levels efficiently. 

Indeed Flex connects employers with a diverse range of temporary and flexible job opportunities, providing innovative solutions for both job seekers and businesses. The platform offers Same Day Pay and a variety of job options to support students and other workers in finding and managing their temporary employment needs.

The latest research from Indeed Flex underscores the significant role that temporary work plays in helping students manage financial pressures caused by rising living expenses and education costs. With the added flexibility of Same Day Pay and a broad range of job opportunities, Indeed Flex is well-positioned to support students as they balance their academic responsibilities with their financial needs.