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Ontop’s New Employee Cost Calculator Empowers Global Companies to Save Big on Hiring Expenses

Ontop’s EOR services mission is clear: to empower companies expanding globally to save up to $100,000 USD annually.

Ontop, the innovative YCombinator backed startup founded in 2020, is making waves in the global business landscape with the expansion of its EOR Services, and with them, a series of tools that helps companies save by taking informed decisions.

One of the latest tools that has been launched is the employee cost calculator, updated in 2024. The tool enables businesses to calculate the cost of hiring workers in different countries, facilitating businesses to save up to 25% by hiring the right talent in the right country. It is not an easy task, companies can save a 10% in employees contributions hiring in Chile instead of Brazil, but at the same time they will find several type of talents in both countries, so at the end is a matter of having the correct information at the right time as Santiago Vicaría, VP of Marketing, says:

“Securing the best talent at the most cost-efficient price is a global competition. With Ontop, you’ve won. This is our motto, our highly talented distributed team it’s a greatest part of our success, and it’s why we want companies to achieve the best talent at the best cost. One of our bets to reach this goal is to develop a series of tools that helps HR VPs, chiefs of staff, financial and payroll directors and founders make the right decisions hiring talent and scaling globally.”

The calculator not only provides a side-by-side comparison of employee expenses but also takes into account the intricate regulatory frameworks. By factoring in diverse labor laws, tax structures, and additional costs associated with hiring in these regions, businesses gain comprehensive insights into the financial landscape.