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Organizations Celebrate UKG Great Place To Work Hub

Industry-first insights and employee experience opportunities help UKG customers on their journey of being a great place to work for all

UKG customers are sharing praise and excitement following the launch of UKG Great Place To Work® Hub, an industry-first solution that helps organizations build cultures of trust and belonging to drive business success. As a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for all people, UKG introduced Great Place To Work Hub to help organizations transform HR and people data into actionable insights, guidance, and recommendations.

“When we saw Great Place To Work Hub premiere at UKG Aspire we knew we had to have it,” said Jessica Fuller, director of people and culture at Mosaic Consulting. “We’re really excited to gain a greater view into people performance and growth — complementing what we already see in UKG Pro and what we can do to boost our overall people strategy in an equitable way.”

Leveraging UKG generative AI (GenAI) models trained on three decades of proprietary Great Place To Work Trust Index™ benchmarks and best practices, Great Place To Work Hub delivers proactive insights and recommendations that improve culture to enhance business outcomes. With real-time coaching for executives, HR leaders, and people managers through AI-powered nudges toward specific actions and behaviors, Great Place To Work Hub helps everyone learn, grow, and advance along the “For All” leadership model.

“What impressed us most about Great Place To Work Hub is that everything has a reason behind it. You’re not asking random questions and getting random answers — it’s all based in the unique data of our organization and insight from Great Place To Work industry benchmarking, which only UKG can offer,” said Jessica Jones, vice president of HR and legal compliance at Alliance Technical Group. “UKG Great Place To Work Hub will help us identify our strengths, address our weak points, and form a plan of action for us to get better. I’m looking forward to future town hall meetings where we can say to our employees, ‘Your voice is important, we heard you, and this is what we’ve done and plan to do.’”

With an industry-first approach, UKG Great Place To Work Hub helps organizations become great workplaces by:

  • Delivering proprietary Great Place To Work Trust Index™ benchmarking collected from 100 million employees to showcase how a company stacks up to industry peers among key drivers of a great employee experience, including trust, pride, and camaraderie;
  • Sharing curated guidance and best practices that are proven to create positive organizational change when a decision needs to be made; and
  • Directly connecting how specific actions, decisions, and programs impact critical organizational outcomes, such as retention, satisfaction, and innovation.

“We are energized by strengthening our culture with UKG Great Place To Work Hub and finding out what we’re doing right and where we can improve,” said Kimberley Trimble, senior vice president, chief people officer at Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union. “These data-driven insights will keep us on the right path forward to maintain our great culture, in service of our members and our employees that’s really what excites us.”