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Papaya Global Announces Key C-Level Promotions to Drive Future Growth

Papaya Global Announces Key C-Level Promotions to Drive Future Growth
Papaya Global Announces C-Level Executive Promotions Geared to Support Growth in Enterprise Clients

Papaya Global, the premier platform for workforce payroll and payments, has announced significant promotions within its executive team. These changes reflect the company’s ongoing expansion and strategic positioning for future growth.

New C-Level Appointments:

  1. Benny Vazana – Chief Business Officer:
    • Benny Vazana, promoted to Chief Business Officer, will oversee and optimize business operations at Papaya Global.
    • His responsibilities include leading strategic planning and business development initiatives to drive the company’s growth.
  2. Avi Shauli – Chief Research and Development Officer:
    • Avi Shauli has been appointed Chief Research and Development Officer. He will lead the R&D, Data, and Architecture division.
    • Shauli’s focus will be on innovation and the development of advanced product technologies and tools to better serve Papaya’s customers.

Leadership Statements: Eynat Guez, Co-Founder and CEO of Papaya Global, praised both leaders, stating, “Avi and Benny are valued leaders at Papaya. They are both top experts in their respective fields. Their new roles will further enable them to enhance Papaya’s current capabilities as the company readies itself for a new and exciting chapter.”

Additional Executive Role Expansions:

  1. Paul Gasbarro – SVP Revenue:
    • Previously SVP Sales, Paul Gasbarro’s role has been expanded to SVP Revenue.
    • Gasbarro will now lead Sales, Implementation, and Account Management, ensuring a cohesive strategy across revenue-generating functions.
  2. Michal Regev – VP Finance:
    • Michal Regev’s role has been expanded to VP Finance.
    • Regev will oversee all day-to-day financial management and operations, ensuring robust financial oversight and strategic financial planning.

Company Overview: Papaya Global’s workforce payments platform is designed to help enterprise organizations manage and pay their global workforce efficiently, ensuring timely payments and full compliance with regulations. The company’s innovative solutions address the complexities of global payroll, offering a streamlined, compliant, and scalable approach to workforce management.

These strategic promotions and role expansions are poised to strengthen Papaya Global’s leadership team, positioning the company for continued growth and innovation in the workforce payroll and payments sector. The new appointments reflect Papaya Global’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities and delivering exceptional value to its customers.