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Phenom Named Strategic Leader in Fosway 9-Grid for Talent Acquisition: Fourth Year Running

Phenom Named Strategic Leader in Fosway 9-Grid for Talent Acquisition: Fourth Year Running
Phenom Named Strategic Leader in Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition 2024 for Fourth Consecutive Year

For the fourth consecutive year, Phenom earns the prestigious title of Strategic Leader in the Fosway 9-Grid for Talent Acquisition, underscoring its continued excellence in delivering comprehensive solutions and driving innovation. Learn how Phenom’s Intelligent Talent Experience platform is revolutionizing talent acquisition processes and empowering organizations to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

  1. Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise-Scale Customers:
    Phenom’s recognition as a Strategic Leader by Fosway acknowledges its rich suite of capabilities tailored to meet the needs of complex enterprise-scale customers. The platform’s ability to innovate, drive business impact, and ensure customer satisfaction sets it apart from alternative talent acquisition solutions.
  2. Addressing Challenges in the European Job Market:
    The European job market faces significant challenges, including talent shortages and technological disruptions. Phenom’s Intelligent Talent Experience platform offers a multifaceted approach to navigating these challenges, encompassing alliance-building, technology leverage, candidate personalization, AI utilization, and data-driven insights.
  3. Quantifiable Results and Impact:
    More than 600 global enterprises leverage Phenom’s automations, intelligence, and experience to achieve measurable outcomes. These include securing more job seekers, increasing chatbot-generated leads, improving application conversion rates, accelerating interview scheduling, reducing time-to-hire, and achieving cost savings per hire.
  4. Leading the Way in Generative AI Adoption:
    Phenom leads the industry in generative AI adoption, offering immediate solutions to address customer challenges and drive efficiency. The Phenom X+ Generative AI has been adopted by over 600 customers, supporting various use cases and saving HR teams thousands of hours.

Platform Innovations and Use Cases:

  1. Talent Experience Engine:
    Transforming talent marketers into strategists, this tool leverages large datasets to create personalized, on-brand campaigns, optimizing engagement and conversion for candidates, employees, and alumni.
  2. X+ Source and Workforce Intelligence:
    Optimizing sourcing and providing real-time talent insights for proactive retention and growth, enhancing HR teams’ ability to identify skills gaps and designate successors based on data.
  3. Talent Marketer and Leader Experiences:
    Empowering talent marketers and recruitment managers with AI-driven tools for personalized content creation, campaign design, performance metrics tracking, and action plan recommendations.
  4. X+ Screening and Structured Interviews:
    Enabling fast, intelligent hiring decisions through comprehensive insights and streamlined interview processes, leveraging AI for confident hiring decisions.
  5. Contingent Talent Hiring and Events Pro:
    Facilitating seamless discovery and hiring of contractors and streamlining event creation and targeting through personalized virtual event lobbies.
  6. Phenom Assessments and X+ Fit Score:
    Expanding behavioral and language assessments, guiding early talent to the right jobs, and customizing fit scores in the context of the role.

Phenom’s consistent recognition as a Strategic Leader underscores its commitment to innovation, customer impact, and advocacy in talent acquisition. As organizations across EMEA embrace Phenom’s Intelligent Talent Experience platform, they unlock new possibilities for candidate engagement, employee development, recruiter productivity, and HR optimization, shaping the future of HR tech.