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Phenom’s Exclusive Event Unveils Next-Gen AI Innovations in HR Technology

Phenom's Exclusive Event Unveils Next-Gen AI Innovations in HR Technology
Phenom HR Tech Streaming Event to Showcase Next-Gen AI and New Solutions Designed to Bring True Productivity to Human Resources

Phenom is hosting an exclusive streaming event on June 6, unveiling a wave of platform innovations announced at IAMPHENOM. These innovations, including the Talent Experience Engine and X+ Agents, promise to revolutionize talent acquisition, talent management, and HR processes with cutting-edge AI technology.

The Evolution of AI in HR

AI has sparked a technological shift, fundamentally changing how organizations operate across industries. At Phenom’s event, experts will explore next-generation AI and HR technology designed to solve critical challenges faced by human resources professionals. The focus is on delivering true productivity and impact, reshaping how teams build talent relationships, personalize experiences, and promote employee development at scale.

Phenom’s virtual event will showcase groundbreaking technology, including:

  1. Talent Experience Engine:
    • Transforms the role of talent marketers, driving personalized interactions and elevating productivity to new heights.
  2. X+ Agents:
    • Enhances the impact of Generative AI throughout the platform, empowering HR teams with targeted and personalized engagement capabilities.
  3. Structured Interviews:
    • Empowers hiring teams to conduct impactful conversations with candidates by automating note-taking, question management, and insights with real-time transcription capabilities.
  4. Contingent Talent Hiring:
    • Simplifies the process of attracting and onboarding contingent workers through seamless job discovery and application, supported by integrations with Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and payroll providers.
  5. Live Events:
    • Streamlines event creation and targeting for specific industries within the Talent Experience Engine, facilitating recruiting events through targeted campaigns and registration forms.
  6. Frontline Employee Experience:
    • Introduces a mobile-optimized solution for deskless workers, enabling easier completion of assigned tasks and access to career opportunities.
  7. Performance Intelligence:
    • Provides insights to empower people managers in coaching, mentoring, and 1:1s, enhancing support for employee careers.

John Harrington, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Phenom, emphasizes the event’s importance in addressing hiring and retention challenges through a holistic approach to talent experience. Understanding the future of HR tech and its use cases is crucial for maximizing efficiency and achieving consolidation aspirations through next-gen AI and automation.

Join Phenom’s exclusive event on June 6 to discover the future of HR technology and unlock the potential of next-gen AI innovations in talent acquisition, management, and HR processes.