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rapid! Expands Payment Solutions for Over 4 Million Employees with New Partnerships

rapid! Expands Payment Solutions for Over 4 Million Employees with New Partnerships
More Businesses Are Powering Their Employees with Innovative Payroll Solutions from rapid!

rapid!, a leading payment solutions provider and a division of Green Dot Corporation, announces significant growth through new partnerships with Elevanta, TempWorks, and isolved, offering seamless payroll solutions to over 4 million employees across diverse industries.

  1. Enhanced Channel Partnerships:
    • rapid! strengthens its relationships with Elevanta, TempWorks, and isolved, extending its reach to serve an estimated four million employees.
    • These partnerships align with rapid!’s mission to provide accessible payment solutions, empowering employees with easier access to their earned wages.
  2. Expanded Service Offerings:
    • Elevanta offers a comprehensive suite of employer services, including payroll, accounting, insurance programs, and administrative support, benefitting over 46,000 employers and 2.6 million employees.
    • TempWorks serves more than 500 temporary staffing agencies nationwide, providing staffing software solutions and mobile tools to enhance employee engagement and efficiency.
    • isolved, a leader in HCM technology, caters to nearly seven million employees and over 168,000 employers across all 50 states, optimizing productivity and performance while ensuring compliance.
  3. Innovative Payment Solutions:
    • rapid! delivers innovative wage payment solutions, including earned wage access (EWA), enabling employees to access their earnings quickly.
    • Recent survey data highlights the significance of EWA for employees, with 90% emphasizing the importance of accessing funds in emergencies and reporting positive impacts on bill payments, debt reduction, and savings.
  4. Impact on Financial Wellness and Productivity:
    • Employers witness tangible benefits from EWA implementation, including a 15% reduction in time-to-hire and a 21% decrease in 90-day turnover.
    • Partnerships with rapid! empower employers to offer impactful financial wellness offerings, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

rapid! continues to redefine payroll solutions through strategic partnerships, benefiting millions of employees across various industries. By leveraging innovative payment solutions like earned wage access, rapid! drives financial wellness, productivity, and retention, ultimately enriching the employee experience.