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RedThread Tech Consortium Expands, Fuels HR Tech Evolution

RedThread Tech Consortium Expands, Fuels HR Tech Evolution
RedThread Tech Consortium Demonstrates Exceptional Growth and Impact in HR and Learning Tech in First 18 Months

RedThread Research’s Tech Consortium has witnessed remarkable growth since its inception in 2023, expanding its membership to 28 influential HR technology vendors. This collaborative effort has significantly advanced unbiased research and innovation within the HR tech landscape.

  1. Membership Expansion and Impact:
    • The Consortium’s membership has grown to include 28 leading HR technology vendors, demonstrating its increasing influence and effectiveness.
    • New additions include industry giants such as Cornerstone, Culture Amp, LinkedIn, One Model, Microsoft,, and UKG, alongside continuing founding members like Degreed, Eightfold, Perceptyx, SeekOut, Visier, and Workday.
  2. Driving Research and Innovation:
    • The Consortium sponsors pivotal research initiatives, including the annual Learning Tech and Skills Tech studies, shaping the evolution of HR technology and learning practices.
    • Collaborative efforts underwrite unbiased, forward-thinking research, fostering industry evolution and community engagement.
  3. Testimonials from Consortium Members:
    • Damon Klotz from Culture Amp emphasizes the importance of unbiased research in advancing their mission to create a better world of work.
    • David J. Williams of praises RedThread’s reputation for high-quality, unbiased research, highlighting the invaluable resources provided by the Consortium.
    • Lindsay Simons of SeekOut acknowledges the strategic insights gained from Consortium membership, driving impactful marketing strategies.
    • Josh Kamrath, CEO of Bongo Learn, underscores the strategic benefits of aligning with industry expert analysts within the Consortium.
    • Dan Carlson of Degreed highlights the dual benefits of Consortium participation, enriching both marketing strategies and product development.

The rapid expansion and impact of RedThread’s Tech Consortium underscore its pivotal role in shaping the future of HR technology. By fostering collaboration among industry leaders and driving unbiased research initiatives, the Consortium continues to drive innovation and elevate the standard of HR practices globally.