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HomeNewsRemofirst Certified as a Most Loved Workplace® by Best Practice Institute

Remofirst Certified as a Most Loved Workplace® by Best Practice Institute

Remofirst Certified as a Most Loved Workplace® by Best Practice Institute
HR Tech Startup Remofirst Named a “Most Loved Workplace”

Remofirst proudly announces its certification as a Most Loved Workplace by the Best Practice Institute, based on comprehensive analysis of workplace sentiment and employee satisfaction. Nurasyl Serik, Founder and CEO of Remofirst, emphasizes the company’s commitment to prioritizing its employees and fostering a positive workplace culture that values innovation and diversity.

  1. Certification Basis and Criteria:
    • Remofirst achieved Most Loved Workplace® certification based on its performance on the Love of Workplace Index™.
    • The index surveyed employees on key aspects such as respect, collaboration, support, and sense of belonging within the company.
  2. Employee-Centric Approach:
    • Nurasyl Serik highlights Remofirst’s focus on placing employees at the center of its business model.
    • The company embraces a global talent pool and values diversity, promoting an inclusive and supportive work environment.
  3. Employer of Record (EOR) Solution:
    • Remofirst’s EOR solution enables businesses to hire employees and contractors in over 180 countries without establishing a physical presence.
    • It handles all aspects of international hiring, including compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits.
  4. Impact of Most Loved Workplace Certification:
    • Louis Carter, CEO of BPI, underscores the significance of Most Loved Workplace certification in fostering a positive workplace culture.
    • Research by BPI reveals that employee sentiment directly correlates with productivity and retention rates, emphasizing the importance of creating a supportive and engaging work environment.

Remofirst’s certification as a Most Loved Workplace highlights its commitment to nurturing a positive workplace culture and prioritizing employee satisfaction and well-being. By embracing diversity and fostering innovation, Remofirst sets a standard for creating an emotionally connected and highly respected workplace where employees thrive. Explore Remofirst’s Most Loved Workplace certification page to learn more about its employee-centric approach and inclusive culture.